Matcha is Taking Over Georgia’s Dessert Scene

The huge Matcha trend finally makes its way to Georgia! This earthy, vibrant green tea powder  is not a popular ingredient for desserts in Georgia as it is in the bigger cities of the U.S. such as Los Angeles and...


Umaido Ramen House

Traditional Ramen Eatery in Suwanee Located in the shopping strip next to the Super H-Mart in Suwanee, this restaurant is what one thinks of when they hear the word “ramen”. This is a traditional ramen house with an affordable, an...


How Do We Rank Sushi

Authentic Sushi In America sushi has become a food that many people enjoy and love. That said, its easy to just go to a place that flaunts “fresh ingredients”, “large rolls” and other great boasts that have nothing to do...