Yuki Izakaya | Japanese – Korean Fusion in Duluth

Yuki Izakaya : Korean-Japanese Fusion   There are quite a few Japanese restaurants opening up around the heart of Duluth and I've never really noticed Yuki Izakaya until a friend of mine brought them up in a conversation we were...


Umaido Ramen House

Traditional Ramen Eatery in Suwanee Located in the shopping strip next to the Super H-Mart in Suwanee, this restaurant is what one thinks of when they hear the word “ramen”. This is a traditional ramen house with an affordable, an...


How Do We Rank Sushi

Authentic Sushi In America sushi has become a food that many people enjoy and love. That said, its easy to just go to a place that flaunts “fresh ingredients”, “large rolls” and other great boasts that have nothing to do...

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