Bally Budaejjigae ㅠㅕㅇㅁ더ㅑㅎㅁㄷ

Budaejjigae at Bally Budaejjigae in Snellville

The Budaejjigae :

Excellent! Ordered the Regular Spicy (Extra Spicy is the other option.)

$40 for a pot that feeds 4-5 people + kimchi + delicious fish cake + okra + radish + unlimited white rice in individual pots.

Budaejjigae is a Korean hot pot also known as Korean Army Stew. The basic stew at Bally consists of ground beef, hot dogs, SPAM, kimchi, bean sprouts, rice cake in a delicious, moderately spicy broth.

Ramen and extra ingredients cost $2 each. Slices of American cheese are free.

Messy Warning:

This is messy! It splashes so easily since the pot is full to the top and needs to be stirred. Be careful! Wear a bib or a red shirt! lol

Sodas and beers like Miller, Bud, and Kloud are offered.


In the Assi shopping center on Lawrenceville- Suwanee. On the ground floor to the left of Assi.


Sparse. About a dozen tables and half a dozen booths along the wall. Beige walls, beige floor, wooden tables. Black electric single burner stove per table. A menu in English and Korean.


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