Pure Taqueria Opens in The Heart of Duluth

Pollo Y Limon by Pure Taqueria

Lovely Margaritas

Margarita: The Prickly Pear Margarita and the Strawberry Frozen Margarita were quite lovely and very, very pink/ red. The color, however, must have come from food coloring, as none of the margaritas ordered had any discernible taste beyond sugar water mixed with a good helping of tequila.

Margaritas at Pure Taqueria

High Quality Tequila Shots

The pineapple- infused tequila shots were certainly high-quality tequila, smooth without any burn, but I could not detect any pineapple flavor, only the strong peppery aftertaste of the tequila. They cost $4 each, and I would not order again. Just buy straight tequila shots!

High Quality Tequila Shots

Several Mexican beers were offered, a small selection of red and white wines and some locally brewed beers that were all pale ales or IPAs.

Tres Ceviche

The Tres Ceviche: AMAZING! Octopus, Shrimp, and fish. Served with fried corn tortillas and fried plantain strips. The octopus was my favorite: superbly tender octopus thinly sliced, crispy celery, slight spice, and a wonderful smoky undertone. The fish was a bit spicy, very tasty– but, be wary of jalapeno seeds! The shrimp was almost sweet, like chicken salad with plump chunks of shrimp and celery.

Ceviche by Pure Taqueria

Quesadillas or Empanadas?

The quesadillas: <3! More like empanadas or Taco Bell’s much- beloved Gordita. Stuffed with perfectly-seasoned pulled chicken that was so tender that it seemed to dissolve in my mouth; yummy guacamole without any spice; thick, rich sour cream; sprinkles of fundido cheese.

Quesadillas by Pure Taqueria
Quesadillas by Pure Taqueria

The rice: Greenish color, slightly too chewy, perhaps another few minutes cooking would make it perfect.

Beans: Refried beans were smooth, creamy and slightly spiced. The black beans were tenderly cooked– simply perfect with a hint of spice that brought out the flavor without overpowering.

Pollo con Tequila y Limon

The Pollo con Tequila y Limon : the chicken was a thin cut and slightly chewy. It was like the restaurant had a thick cut of chicken, then someone sat on it and flattened into a thick, chewy pancake of chicken. The tequila-lime sauce looked yummy, but it was basically tasteless, just like the peppers on top. A super disappointing dish!

Pollo con Tequila y Limon

The chips and salsa: Thin, perfectly salty and very crunchy. The salsa was average, unchunky salsa.


The sopapilla: Wonderful !! The sopapilla was more of a dense shortcake with the lovely flavor of the sopapillas I know and love. Covered with a rich slightly sweet cream and sliced sweetened strawberries. The dish is served with a thick slightly bitter chocolate pudding. Super yummy and filling!

Located: in Duluth Square, overlooking the railroad tracks. Lots of parking.


Modern Appearance

Appearance: Slightly modern hipster look– Uncluttered. Clean lines. Almost industrial look. The walls of the bars are covered in striking glass tile mosaic. The tequila display behind the bar is mirrored, but the amount of liquor bottles is surprisingly small. The bathrooms are super clean and continue the modern look.

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