Poke Bar – Seafood Hawaiian Style

Poke Bar is Located in Duluth GA

Poke Food At its Best in the Duluth Area


Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Location
  • Great Taste
  • Affordable Pricing

The Cons

  • One staffer came across rude
  • No Wifi


7.7Altogether, I would have enjoyed my time better here if the original staff was there but she left and another girl took over who was very short and did not seem so friendly. The fact that there was no wifi meant, they want you to eat and go - so although the "bar" name is there, its not a place to hang out for online workers like myself. On the flip side, the food was great and its a place I would probably return to for lunch just to stay healthy.

I love the Duluth area because there is a huge mixture of restaurants – mainly Asian in one area (around pleasant hill). I usually work in cafe’s since I obviously do a ton of writing and have always passed by this place called Poke Bar. I always wanted to stop by and see what kind of food this “Poke” was but never really had the time.

Poke Bar in Duluth, GA
Poke Bar in Duluth, GA

One day, just driving by I finally decided to run and and take a glimpse at the menu and ask questions. Upon coming in, I was greeted by a girl who was very kind. She told me a bit about how the bar worked: you chose your meats, rice, chips, or salad and toppings and made a healthy bowl of raw (or cooked seafood). It reminded me immediately of a dish that was very popular in Okinawa when I lived there. Many times we would use sushi rice and layer sashimi and other ingredients in a bowl and it would be the main dish at parties (not sure the Japanese name).

Poke Bar, Duluth Interior
Poke Bar, Duluth Interior

Poke is called “Poke” because that word means to slice in Hawaiian. That said, Poke is typically a fish or seafood that has been sliced and served raw (in most cases). It has evolved into other things such as SPAM and Tofu if you dont want a sashimi style dish.

I did not know exatly what to get or how to create my bowl so I got a ton of assistance from the girl behind the glass counter. She walked me into a shrimp and salmon poke bowl with white rice, a salad and topped with seaweed, herbs, fried onions, eggs and other things (check out the image).

My Poke Bowl from Poke Bar
My Poke Bowl from Poke Bar

I was actually bummed out that the rice was not made sushi style but the flavor was pretty amazing. I loved the combination of the warm write with the fresh seafood. The eggs were done Japanese “Tomago” style and were very good. The crab salad could use a bit of work but overall i loved the flavor of this dish. Since I am on a diet and trying to cut down on fried food and carbs, this is a great alternative and the pricing was not that bad.


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Nathaniel Johnson has been in food writing for over eight years. He has been editor of many food-related publications in the US as well as Overseas.