Eagles Landing Brings Amazing Cajun Food to Gwinnett

Shrimp Poboy at Eagles Landing with Onion Rings

A unique restaurant hidden in the heart of Gwinnett


Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Food
  • Great Service
  • Great Management
  • Love the diversity of the menu

The Cons

  • Not near an interstate so the drive may be long if your not in the Gwinnett area.


8.4Altogether, this is my current favorite cajun place to eat in the Gwinnett area. When you combine the amazing customer service with the great Cajun foods it's a win-win.

Eagle’s Landing

The name does not say much about what kind of food they serve so I always drove by this place not knowing much about it but always wondering. One thing for certain is that many evenings, their parking lot of full so I figured whatever they were doing had to be good. It took me over six years to finally muster up the courage to walk in and ask for the menu. I later came back with my wife to try it out and was glad I did! I love Cajun food. Its one thing I totally missed living overseas – so whenever I run by a Cajun spot I really want to try it out.

Eagles Landing Cafe and Grill Cajun Buffet
Eagles Landing Cafe and Grill Cajun Buffet

A Unique Menu

My wife and I sat at a table but was asked if we wanted a booth (she loves booths) so we moved there. We were approached four times before ordering (not in a  pushy kindle way) so the customer care was very satisfactory. The menu here is very diverse which – normally is a red flag for me.  This is because usually if you try to go all out, you never really can perfect one thing so all of the food turns out pretty mediocre. This menu consists of pasta, burgers, Cajun dishes, breakfast foods (breakfast buffet on weekends), wraps and even Spanish dishes. The thing they specialize on more then all is their Cajun menu with both owners being from Louisianna.

Eagles Landing Cajun Buffet Items

All You Can Eat Cajun Food

The Cajun menu here is very versatile featuring gumbos,  poboys, etoufees, shrimp creole, jambalayas,  I headed for the buffet which consisted of many items from dirty wife, fried shrimp, shrimp gumbo of some sort,

Normally a buffet is cold and basic foods that come out of cans without any care of attention but the buffet here was very unique in the fact that things were freshly made – many from scratch. This buffet had a bit of everything from etouffee, to dirty rice. there were shrimp cakes, a shrimp gumbo, dirty rice, jambalaya, green beans and other dishes (I’m not going to list everything here because I’m certain it changes on occasion)

Also, something that really made the experience great for me that is that when you get the buffet, you have a choice of a blacked or fried tilapia which they make fresh for you every time you ask for it. Its a part of the buffet but not kept out to get cold but served fresh and that’s pretty awesome.

Talapia by Eagles Landing
Talapia by Eagles Landing

Amazing Crab Cakes

While I was enjoying my buffet choices, my wife got her order of crab cakes. Normally when you order crab cakes, you prepare to get an appetizer and a dessert. This is mainly because crab cakes are typically not very filling. That said, this was a huge surprise (pun intended). These crab cakes were huge and when I say huge, I’m talking about the diameter of a pancake from IHOP and the Thickness of about half an inch. On top of that, you get two of these. The crab cakes were not deep fried like most people do but grilled and were made without holding back – meaning you actually had crab in every bite and not just filler stuff.  One thing that made this really stand out was the remoulade sauce that was brought out with it. We ordered more of this and asked for some to go. The sauce was killer, crab cakes were also killer.

Crab Cakes by Eagles Landing

Outstanding Service

The service here was awesome. I gotta say from the moment we walked in, we were constantly cared for and our waiter ended up being one of the owners and we didn’t even know it. While we were dining she was bringing different things out for us to try and sample not knowing that I was, in fact, a food writer and it really added to the overall experience here.

Shrimp Poboy at Eagles Landing with Onion Rings
Shrimp Poboy at Eagles Landing with Onion Rings

I loved this place so much I had to come back and talk with the owners to find out the story behind it. (coming soon).


FOR NOW! We have a chance to try the Cajun menu and have a great deal!

On the 20th of this month, we will have a meal that’s worth $35 for $14!

Our Menu Will Include:




  • Cajun Dinner Platter Including:
    • Fried Shrimp
    • Fried Catfish
    • Crawfish Etouffee
    • Blackened Tilapia
    • Rice Pilaf
    • Jambalaya
    • Red beans


  • Beignets
  • Bread Pudding.
3001 River Dr
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
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Phone number(678) 344-9547
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