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Mi La Cay | Not Your Usual Pho House

Mi La Cay House Noodle Soup

Review overview


The Pros

  • Good Location
  • Power Ports for Computers
  • Wifi
  • Great Food
  • Friendly Staff

The Cons

  • Understaffed Sometimes
  • No Lunch Menu


8.5Overall I loved it here. The initial waiter went to the back after dropping my food so that was strange but the owner stepped it up and really began serving me well and explaining what I was eating. It's a place I will return to for sure

A step away from the usual Vietnamese Cuisine

If you find yourself one day roaming the streets of Saigon in Vietnam, you will notice that this name “Mi La Cay” is a popular name among the noodle franchises there. Mi La Cay is a special type of Vietnamese Noodle.

Image result for mi la cay saigon

Mi La Cay is a special kind of noodle that is great for trying a little bit of everything in my opinion. There are two ways of cooking mi la cay: there is a crispy version where the noodles are deep fried (not pan fried) so that they are crispy and served under your choice of meats and vegetables; and a soft version which is used in the soup dishes that are boiled.

Georgia’s First Mi La Cay Location

Photo of Mi La Cay - Duluth, GA, United States
Mi La Cay Front Glance

I was heading over to try Kups when I saw the sign for Mi La Cay and decided to go and try it out. This is the first and only Mi La cay franchise in the Georgia Area – the other US branches of this franchise can be found around California ( I believe there are only about 4 locations scattered there). That said, I am excited to try something different and rare. The owner Hsi has been here about a year and has moved here from California where she ran another Mi La Cay for ten years. That said, she has a bit of experience with these noodles and I loved the dish that I got.

House Noodle Dish – Hu Tieu Mi Kho Hoac Nuoc

When you come to the front of the restaurant you see the image of their house noodle soup which is made from mi la cay noodles combined with shrimp cakes, a fried chicken leg, sliced pork, and many vegetables.

Image of their House Noodles on the Menu

Obviously seeing the sign on the door of the house noodle soup made fro Mi La Cay, I wanted to go that route my first time here. The Soup actually came out rather fast. I was still breaking out my gear when she brought it out and it came with a separate side dish which looked like a shrimp fried inside some sort of chip. I found out later this is the Shrimp Cake that comes with the dish.

A Unique Take on Vietnamese Noodle Soup

It’s hard to talk about the taste of the broth when you’re at a Vietnamese restaurant. This is because there is a full table of sauces and peppers for you to customize it to your liking. For this reason, I can usually only judge a Vietnamese soup by the quality of the ingredients. The waiter broke out jalapenos for me to add as well as the usual chili sauce, ginger, hoisin, soy, etc. After saucing it up a bit – I was more happy with the broth.

Fish Cake by Mi La Cay

The Mi La Cay style noodles – unlike your traditional noodles used in pho, are about the same size as pho but much thicker since they are egg based noodles. I like this actually better due to the fact that its more filling and holds in more flavor. The chicken was a bit confusing to me at first (having a whole chicken leg in your soup is a little unorthodox) but it became one of my favorite parts of the dish.

I would literally come here just to buy the chicken (don’t see it on the menu, unfortunately). The sliced pork also was done very well so all together the full combination worked out.

Happy With My Experience

In the end, the experience here was a bit different than your usual Vietnamese restaurant: For one, the owner was extremely friendly and explained a lot about the food I was eating without knowing who I was or that she was being ranked lol.

Mi La Cay Interior

It’s always great when the restaurant staff actually get involved with the customers. Secondly, they had wifi (a huge plus for me) and power sockets along the wall for anyone who needs to plug in bringing them to more of a restaurant – cafe status.

Overall, I was glad that I stopped by here. I got to get some work done while enjoying some unique foods. For this reason, I am launching an event here on our meetup group. Be sure to sign up here and come try this place with us at Georgia Foodies!

4500 Satellite Blvd
Ste 1150
Duluth, GA 30096

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 Phone number: (678) 243-5921

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