Vivi Bubble Tea Hits Duluth, GA


From NY to Atlanta

Vivi Bubble Tea started out in NY where their headquarters is today. This is not your typical mom/pop style bubble tea from Taiwan but more of a national brand with over 40 locations that were conceived and started within the United States. That said, the owners of this establishment still push a strong Taiwanese style when it comes to the snacks and flavors here. So if you’re from Taiwan, you may just find some flavors from your hometown here.

Very Large Choice of Food and Drinks

I ran into this place by accident just looking around that the Jusgo supermarket and returned with a fellow foodie to try it out. The menu here was pretty large consisting of bubble tea favorites, bento boxes, Taiwanese snacks and other types of drinks. I later found out that since this is in a food, court they upped their food menu to include curry, noodles, bento boxes and other food items that you won’t find at other Vivi locations. It was a bit overwhelming honestly because there are ads and banners everywhere toting everything from custom bottles, lattes, snacks, curries, etc. If your like me, it would be really intimidating if no one is around to guide you in the right direction. I didn’t try any food dishes here but the brown sugar latte really caught my eye.

Going “Alley Milk Tea” Style

There is a really popular milk tea spot in Shenzhen called Alley Milk Tea which got really popular for their brown sugar latte soI wanted to give this one a try and compare tastes.

Brown Sugar Latte from Vivi in duluth

The cool thing about Brown Sugar Lattes, is that the more you stir it, the sweeter it gets. This is because the syrup used in this grabs onto the sides of the cup. This can be fun or frustrating since you have to ninja your straw around to break it off the sides or rely on friction of the ice to so the job while you stir strategically.

The Alley’s Version

A Decent Milk Tea and Convenient Spot

So far I like the Milk tea here. I got 50% sugar and the sweetness was perfect for me. Either way, the Jusgo is becoming home of many great and terrible memories depending on where you decide to eat or drink but this is one of the better spots you can stop by for something to drink. I will connect again once I’ve tried the food here.

3875 Venture Dr
space A3
Duluth, GA 30096

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Review overview

Customer Service8.8
Milk Tea8.3

The Pros

  • Great Selection
  • Friendly Staff
  • Decent Prices

The Cons

  • Minimal Order Amount Makes it hard to get one item


7.6Altogether, I was happy with my experience here. The worker was quick to answer my questions and help me make a decision. I got the brown sugar latte because it reminded me of "Alley Milk Tea" in China . the drink worked out very well. I will return to try the snacks later on!

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Nathaniel Johnson has been in food writing for over eight years. He has been editor of many food-related publications in the US as well as Overseas.