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Black Bubble Tea @ Unbelibubble

Review overview

Bubble Tea8.5
Customer Service9.2

The Pros

  • Great atmosphere
  • Good Drinks
  • Very Friendly Service

The Cons

  • Pricing is a big high
  • It can get pretty cold
  • Menu could use snacks


8.6Altogether I love it here and I think the atmosphere is very cozy and the drinks are pretty good. I dont pretend to be a bubble tea master but I do love the teas here above many other spots. I feel the menu could use an elevation and the room can get a bit cold (probably due to the huge size).


I remember when I was in college and quickly was the first spot to open inside Gwinnett Place Mall (back when it was still a popular mall). Everybody was so excited to finally see the Taiwanese style bubble tea hit GA (of course it would hit Duluth eventually).

Fast forward ten years (or more), you can now get bubble tea at quite a few places in the Duluth area alone. Many chains have since come to Duluth including Vivi, Ding Tea, Gong Cha, and Hey Tea. All of these have their unique ups and downs and I hope I can get a chance to try them all and fill you guys in.

I was actually on my way to the new Jusgo shopping center when I ran across this spot called Unbelibubble. It’s located right next to the Jusgo shopping center (right side) and is in its own space although there is a new spot being built next door to it called “Encore” (not sure what that’s about yet).

Unbelibubble Front Entrance
Unbelibubble Front Entrance

A few of my fellow foodies and I were inside the Jusgo trying a Ramen spot (pretty good) and wanted to stop by and try out this spot to see if it was worth ranking. It won us over from the coziness alone.


Before I jump into the bubble tea, I’m going to break down the coziness. When we talked into this place we expected a smaller space but it was pretty large actually. The front end of the cafe is more wooden benches, modern chairs, and glass tables. The back end is more of the cozy couch and table style and we loved it.

Interior of Unbelibubble
Interior of Unbelibubble

I think before we even ordered bubble tea we already went around taking photos and setting up our stuff on the comfy couches. The fact that it was night time and we actually had a place to sit was awesome but you still gotta claim your area in some of these cafes.

Comfy couches towards the back
Comfy couches towards the back


I tried three separate bubble teas here and my friend Phoung was the first to try the Winter Melon Matcha. Which was compared to Vivi’s version in this review.

The menu has brewed teas, milk teas, a matcha series, ice blended drinks (more like slushies) and slow drip coffee. I wanted to go basic so I got a black milk tea with boba for my first take. I will say the taste of the black bubble tea was great to me because it didn’t make my tongue swell or go too sweet. This happened to me at another place that use the nin-dairy powdery stuff in their bubble tea.

Black Milk Tea @ Unbelibubble
Black Milk Tea @ Unbelibubble

The concept here is modernized bubble tea. They dont have a large menu (I personally think they could benefit from a few snacks) but they make everything from scratch on order and take pride in perfecting each menu item.


When you chose a bubble tea here, you can customize the sugar level, ice level and toppings. This customization really helps make the tea how you want it. Since I’m still not used to American sugar levels, I typically get 50% sugar.

Matcha Latte

The second bubble tea I tried was the matcha latte. They have a lot of the originals for you die-hards out there but also a few unique items. The matcha that is used here is imported from Japan so your getting the real deal when you order a matcha drink. I personally loved the matcha latte – its definitely a lot of matcha and has a strong flavor. Learning from my previous experience , I got it at 50% and to me it was perfect.

Green Tea Latte @ Unbelibubble
Green Tea Latte @ Unbelibubble

Rose Black Milk Tea

Lastly, one of their most popular milk teas is the Rose Black Milk Tea. People loved this because it looks like the perfect selfie drink bring made from roses and topped with actual edible rose petals. I really liked this drink. it didn’t just have the look of a rose milk tea but you could actually taste the rose flavor.

Rose Black Milk Tea
Rose Black Milk Tea

Its good to note that this spot is probably the only non-franchise in the area when it comes to bubble tea and you really get good treatment here. The manager, Mindy was extremely helpful as well s the staff to answer my onslaught of questions.

3865 Venture Dr
Ste A
Duluth, GA 30096

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