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The Pros

  • Good Location
  • Good Prices
  • Bright Atmosphere

The Cons

  • Too Crowded of Space
  • No Wifi (could be fixed)


7.8Altogether, this could be a place that I love, I will try it out a few more times and tweak this review. I feel the interior could be done better to optimize for more seats and consistency is needed in the drinks (as my first take was different then Jen's).


While the bubble tea craze is hitting Duluth, one of the newest ones that I have seen hit the area is Ding Tea. The Ding Tea concept started in 2004 by its founder Mr. Xu Wei-xiang in the CA area. Today there are many locations starting mainly in the CA/NV areas and now, here in GA.


Ive driven by Ding Tea on many occasions only to realize its almost pointless to go there after six. The reason for this is that this place gets way too packed out and there is nowhere to sit. One issue I have about this spot (and a few others) is that they are using too large of sitting spaces.

If we were in Italy, and people had a culture of sitting together with strangers – this would work. But, the fact that there are a limited amount of tables (four-seaters) filling the space, it limits the amount of sitting room as typically 1-2 people will occupy a table made for 4 – thus reducing the amount of people who can stay here. My first word of advice – get smaller tables and/or reshape the space. It will work out better in the long run.


Ok, besides the misuse of space, the decorations here are great. I love the fact that they are using a bright and colorful look. This brings a welcoming atmosphere. The light fixtures are done very well, there is a floral mural of some sort with the logo and the cool color scheme of blue and gold (a tad strange to have the one baby blue table set but – hey ).


I’ve been to quite a few cafes lately and the pricing on the menu here at first glance seems way cheaper than the usual costs you pay for milk tea. The only catch is that the milk teas here do not come with a topping like what is included in other places. That said, I was a bit heartbroken of the extra $.55 added. This still keeps the drink below $4.00 which still makes it a bit competitive with others who are above $4.00 (typically like….everyone else…).

That said, even after my rant, I still love how the pricing at Ding Tea is more on the competitive side and they do not have a minimal order. This is a huge plus. I didn’t like how Vivi’s minimum is $8 so your forced to buy more than you need. Other then that, most places will keep the pricing around $4.00-$5.00.


I wanted to be fair across the board so I got the signature milk tea (which I guess to be the usual black tea). I loved the overall flavor the tea and although I got 100% sugar, it was not overbearingly sweet. Since living in China, my sugar tolerance is low ad i usually get 50% on bubble teas. This honestly tasted the same as 50% in most places. So from my first try, I was honestly really happy with it.


I know cafe’s have issues like everyone else and so I coudlnt test out the wifi since they were having a problem with the router. I will have to return someday to see if this issue is resolved. Overall, If you can find yourself a seat here – it is a great place to hang out and scratch off your bubble tea selfie of the day. The lighting is perfect for photography. I didnt have to break out my flash to get good shots.

I noticed that they have a brown sugar latte – so we will add this to our brown sugar rundown on our Youtube Channel.

2180 Pleasant Hill Rd
Ste B13
Duluth, GA 30096

Phone number (770) 674-0552


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