Sweet Spot: Not Your Average Tea House

A few of the choices available at Sweet Spot, Doraville

Review overview

Customer Service9.2

The Pros

  • Beautiful interior
  • unique and delicious drinks and desserts
  • Very helpful staff

The Cons

  • Not the best lighting
  • Not easy to find parking
  • Can get pretty cold


8.8Overall, this has to be my new favorite place to grab drinks!! This place's appearance is impeccable and the whole shop is very well organized. Sweet Spot definitely has a style and drinks that are incomparable.

An Aesthetic Unlike Any Other Place

Sweet Spot Interior Design
A unique interior design

I’ve gone to many tea houses around Georgia and no tea house has an appearance as unique as Sweet Spot. Right when I walked through the door, I was surprised. The first thing you will notice is the bright, big neon lights and the walls covered in all sorts of Chinese oriented designs. Not only would the scenery, take you by surprise, but the menu would also. At first you’d assume this place is just another tea shop in the area, but it’s much more. Their menu consists of Mochi, Ice pops, Bubble Waffles + Ice Cream, and Tong Sui.

A few of the choices available at Sweet Spot, Doraville
A few of the choices available at Sweet Spot, Doraville

First Impression:

I first heard of this place through my friends who were raving about how cool and delicious the selections are. The first drink I ordered, was the Iced Mixed Fruit Tea Refresher. This drink is beautiful, but it puts the ‘sweet’ in Sweet Spot. It tasted like fruit infused water with a lot of sugar. I did not taste the tea.

I was pretty disappointed with this drink and I was ready to not come back to the place until I tasted my boyfriend’s drink, which was the Oolong Tea. The Oolong Tea had the perfect proportion of tea and sugar. After trying the Oolong tea, I decided to come back another time.

Iced Mixed Fruit Tea Refresher is the drink in the middle

My Now Favorite Drink- Hong Kong Style Milk Tea:


The second time I came, I ordered the HK Style Milk Tea (This was recommended). Hong Kong Style Milk Tea is usually a part of lunch in Hong Kong Tea Culture. The ingredients typically consist of black tea and evaporated or condensed milk. I was given a disclaimer that it might be very sweet. I don’t typically like drinks that are too sweet, but I was excited to try this milk tea because it’s famous in Hong Kong and I wanted to know what all the hype was about.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea by Sweet Spot
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea by Sweet Spot

When I began drinking it, I couldn’t stop. If you like black milk tea, you’ll love this drink. It has a strong black tea taste but it’s not too overwhelming, and at the same time because it’s also sweet and creamy. I’ve never tasted black milk tea like this and the employee explained that it is because they brew several types of black tea leaves to get that unique taste and they don’t allow ANY adjustments and toppings because they want to keep it as authentic as possible, which is understandable.

Mochi At A Dessert Shop in GA? :

Lately,  it’s been too cold for Mochi but I couldn’t give up the opportunity to try their Mochi. I was wondering is it worth paying $4.99 for a 3-pack Mochi here or paying around the same price and getting a 6-pack at Super H-Mart which is in the same plaza. The employees told me that all the most popular flavors were sold out that week due to popular demand so I settled for the next best flavors, which were Passion Fruit, Vanilla Chip, Mango, and Red Bean.

Mochi available at Sweet Spot, Doraville
Mochi available at Sweet Spot, Doraville

After tasting the Mochis, I could say that they all were very strong in flavor (I wouldn’t be surprised if they were natural flavors) except the red bean. The flavor of the red bean was there, but not as strong as the other Mochis. They were overall very delicious and the outer dough was soft and chewy. I would say that they were worth the price mostly if you’re searching for some good dessert with some friends.

Sweet Spot
6035 Peachtree Rd Suite A-115,
Doraville, GA 30360

the authorJenny
Jenny Nguyen has been a boba tea and coffee barista for over a year and has been writing reviews for over 6 years.