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The Pros

  • Lively atmosphere
  • Good music
  • Handmade tortillas

The Cons

  • Loud
  • Long wait for food
  • Unorganized staff

A little fire and a lot of cowbell…

Nacho Daddy originated in Las Vegas and just recently established its first location in Duluth, Ga. It brings an exciting time for those who are fans of the nightlife. While the food was not the star of the evening, the overall experience was one that will not easily be forgotten. Read on to learn more.

The Atmosphere

Upon approaching the building, we were admittedly surprised at how lively the atmosphere was. The music could be heard from a good distance away from the front doors. Since we were expecting a different experience, the overall rowdiness of the place was jarring. Everyone was definitely having a great time, as the music selection was fitting of the demographic that was in attendance. The servers and guests alike were singing along to more than a few of the songs. This is definitely not the place to have a nice, quiet meal.

The Menu

Judging just based off of the name, we didn’t expect too much variety from the menu but we were not completely wrong. There were very few categories but within those categories were several variations of the same dish. Every option on the menu seemed to be a bit pricey.

They were considerate of the dietary restrictions of their patrons, with a variety of vegan/vegetarian selections and gluten-free options. They even had a whole page for vegan selections.

The Food

The menu advertises that they are a collision of Mexican and American. This is very accurate in that they took various Mexican dishes, and made it their own. While they boast that their nachos are the MOST INSANE GOURMET NACHOS, the ones that we had didn’t quite live up to the hype. The Nacho Average Burger Nachos, unfortunately, lacked in the burger department. While the nachos were less than satisfying, the rest of the what we ordered made up for it.

Nachos from Nachodaddy
Nachos from Nacho Daddy

The unique delivery of the fajitas really caught our attention. They are brought out on a platter and then flambèd in a fanciful fashion with tequila.

The real highlight from what we tasted was the handmade tortillas. There is a distinct difference in the way a fresh tortilla tastes as opposed to the ones that are store bought. The street tacos are an absolute explosion of flavor that has to be tried!

Prioritizing the Party

We want to emphasize that this was a great establishment to experience. With that being said, it is clear that the priority of the night was not the food. The focus of the staff seemed to be centered around keeping the party going.

It was apparent that the goal was to party when each of the staff would begin to chant and ring a cowbell as they delivered the famous shot called the “Scorpion Shot” to anyone who ordered it.

While wanting to party is not a bad thing, the issue with this is that the food ends up suffering because of it.

Nacho Daddy
3095 Main St #500A, Duluth, GA 30096

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