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Is Hops Worth the Hype?

Hops Chef Special Sandwich

I was walking around the newer shopping spot in Atlanta – Ponce Market with a few of my fellow foodies and we could not help but to notice the long line in front of this chicken spot called hops. It was a bit intriguing for me since I figured that due to the long line, the food here must be quite exceptional.

No Tables No Chairs

Its pretty obvious after your waiting for 45 min to make your order that there is no chairs or tables so the food here and grab and go. There are tables all around the Ponce City Market but good luck grabbing one on the weekend. Still, my team and I endured the journey hoping that Hops would be – in fact – worth the hype.

Fried Chicken Served Any Way

The menu at Hops is pretty direct. You can get nuggets, tenders, sandwiches or pieces (legs,thigh etc). Upon checking out the menu, we each decided to try different items to do a good comparison so we tried: Hops Chicken Sandwich, Chef Special (Sandwich) and the Chicken and Waffles.

Hops Chicken Sandwich
Hops Chicken Sandwich


I must say, for the wait – it was not worth it for me. I got the house chicken sandwich and frankly, I would have rather went to Chick Fil La for a better experience. It was made in a similar way, with a basic bun, a few pickels and the fried chicken. The chicken was overcooked and literally almost black and was lacking a lot of love (flavorful love). I had to kill it with the Tabasco and hot sauces to give it some flavor.

Jenny got the chef special chicken sandwich which was done better then mine. She actually really enjoyed it. This one came with bacon, lettuce and a special sauce. The fillet was not totally overcooked in this sandwich so at least it wasnt altogether burnt. Still looking at the above image you see how half is still blackened (and not cajun style).

Hops Chicken and Waffles


Daral, on the other hand, got the Chicken and Waffles. Not only was the chicken overcooked but the waffle was literally bending fork – hard and black from being overcooked. Despite the blackness of the chicken and waffle, he still thought the flavor was there (on the portions that were edible).


Price wise, this is probably one of the cheaper routes you can stop by and eat when your visiting Ponce City Market but your sacrificing 20 min of waiting and possibly overcooked food. On top of that, after we finally made our order – we still had to wait almost 15 min to get it. while we were waiting many people came looking for ketchup at the sauce station only to find out there wasnt any. Its pretty bad when you serve sides without ketchup. There are quite a few great places to eat here that we will be writing about and I wished this was a better review, but not everyone hits a home run in Atlanta.

675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

Review overview


The Pros

  • Affordable Prices
  • Many Sauces to Choose From
  • Good Location

The Cons

  • Overcooked Chicken
  • Long Lines
  • Chicken Needed More Seasoning
  • No Ketchup


5.7Altogether, this is a place I will probably give another try. That said, seeing that we ordered 3 separate things and got a similar outcome im not seeing high hopes.

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Nathaniel Johnson has been in food writing for over eight years. He has been editor of many food-related publications in the US as well as Overseas.