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Honeysuckle Gelato


This creamery is located inside Ponce City Market. This is a typically busy location. It is because of how busy they were that I can cut them some slack in the aspect of customer service. The two employees behind the counter seemed to have their minds elsewhere as we were trying to ask questions about the gelato. However, they didn’t seem to mind when we asked to try more than a few samples of the frozen treats. I would have to recommend the Strawberry Cheesecake, as it was quite delicious!

Honeysuckle Gelato is not something that you would want to plan an entire trip around, but it is definitely a deliciously sweet final note when visiting Ponce City Market.

Review overview

Knowledge of Staff3.5
Variety of Flavors7.4

The Pros

  • A lot of Flavors
  • Free Samples

The Cons

  • Bored Staff
  • Small Servings
  • Kind of Pricey
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