Fudo & The Disappearing Waiter

Mixed Tempura @ Fudo

The Newest Sushi Hot Spot

Being a sushi lover, I am always on the lookout for other sushi spots that gain great attention and reviews and Fudo was one spot that I was excited to run and try out. I initially hear about this place by an organizer and we have an event coming soon to give them another shot.

That said, this first try was a bit tiring to say the least. I went with my friend Daral on a Friday night (our first mistake). This spot is really hot right now so if you going to stop by, make sure you do it on an off time and not a weekend night like we did. We got there and the wait was not too bad. It was about 20 minutes. I noticed all the smart people there were reservation guests and were quickly seated to kudos to them for that.

The Disappearing Waiter

Upon being seated and seeing the menu, we were waiting a bit for our waiter to show up. She finally showed up with no intro, no information of the spot or specials (we later saw on the wall as we were leaving). Opening statement: “Do you know what you want?”. Despite that, I tried to ask questions about what was good and got very short and general answers such as “oh everything is good, just about what you want.”

Question #2: Hey would go to with Double Dragon or this other sushi? Answer: Yeah – I don’t know – I’ll be back so you can take time to decide”

And I thought that would be documented as the last time I saw her because it had to have been almost 20 minutes before she got back. When seh finally did we made our order (Dancing with the Stars and All in).

Miso Soup and Shrimp Tempura

Daryl got the miso soup as an appetizer which was pretty awesome. I didn’t get to try it out but he was raving about it. I got the mixed tempura appetizer. It was alright, nothing I would rave about but the tempura was done pretty well (could use some salt).

After the appetizers, our waiter was gone for literally almost 30 min. The bust boy running around was filling our drinks, taking our empty trays and checking on us on occasion. At one point, I thought she left and he took over as the waiter.

Sushi Worth Talking About

She brought the food out and ran off before checking to see if we needed anything else, nor did she check back with us. The Dancing with the Stars was pretty amazing since I love eel (unagi), it was done pretty well. We judge sushi pretty strictly and I loved how the rice was done as well as the flavors. Its made from your typical unagi roll topped with avocado and more eel.

Daral’s sushi on the other hand was a pill of everything. It was called the all in because they literally take what could be a california roll and top it off with a ton of fish and panko. He thought it was ok but nothing special besides the fact that it was good for photos and there was an asparagus in the middle of the roll making it hard to bite through.

All In by Fudo

Don’t Leave Just Yet

After we were done eating we expected to just pay and leave but still have not seen our waiter for what seemed like 30 min. It got so bad that I started packing my stuff and standing up. Still after quite some time, the bust boy (our real waiter) came by and gave us our checks. After that, it was another 10-15 min before someone finally told our waiter we needed to go.

All and all, I think the overall experience would have been much better if our waiter actually tried to focus a bit more on our experience. †

Review overview

Soup (Miso)6.9

The Pros

  • Great Atmosphere
  • Great Location
  • Great Sushi

The Cons

  • Long Waiting
  • Disappearing Waiter


7All together I would come back here for lunch if I lived closer but it's definitely not a place to go to if you're in a rush. I will give them another try on an off day where they are not so busy.

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