Introducing the Cafe Culture

Georgia is quickly growing its cafe culture especially in areas such as Duluth and other Gwinnett County areas. We try to spread out and do in depth reviews of these cafe’s and rank them based on their atmosphere, menu, customer service and prices. Subscribe for information on our favorite cafe’s and why.


Sweet Spot: Not Your Average Tea House

An Aesthetic Unlike Any Other Place I've gone to many tea houses around Georgia and no tea house has an appearance as unique as Sweet Spot. Right when I walked through the door, I was surprised. The first thing you...

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Ding Tea @ First Sight

FROM CALIFORNIA TO GEORGIA While the bubble tea craze is hitting Duluth, one of the newest ones that I have seen hit the area is Ding Tea. The Ding Tea concept started in 2004 by its founder Mr. Xu Wei-xiang in...

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