Mixed Tempura @ Fudo

Fudo & The Disappearing Waiter

The Newest Sushi Hot Spot Being a sushi lover, I am always on the lookout for other sushi spots that gain great attention and reviews and Fudo was one spot that I was excited to run and try out. I...

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ChinesePonce City MarketRestaurants

Tasty China Jia

Overview Tasty China Jia is located in Ponce City Market. Established more than four years ago, this restaurant delivers a wide array of Chinese cuisine. With its standout architecture, the red interior is clearly visible from most entrances of the...

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DessertsPonce City Market

Honeysuckle Gelato

This creamery is located inside Ponce City Market. This is a typically busy location. It is because of how busy they were that I can cut them some slack in the aspect of customer service. The two employees behind the...

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Dishes by the Nacho Daddy Menu

Nacho Daddy

A little fire and a lot of cowbell... Nacho Daddy originated in Las Vegas and just recently established its first location in Duluth, Ga. It brings an exciting time for those who are fans of the nightlife. While the food...

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Ding Tea @ First Sight

FROM CALIFORNIA TO GEORGIA While the bubble tea craze is hitting Duluth, one of the newest ones that I have seen hit the area is Ding Tea. The Ding Tea concept started in 2004 by its founder Mr. Xu Wei-xiang in...

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