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.It was awesome seeing the great turn out at this last sushi event. I think if we got more people, we wouldn’t be able to fill the space. The deal was to buy 2 rolls get one free and that was a crazy offer since it seems EVERYONE got 3 rolls and quickly realized they couldn’t handle it.

That said, we had more sushi then we could eat so you could have possibly turned up and gotten full from our leftovers lol.



This deal is expected to go on for some time, so if you didnt get a chance to make it to our event you are free to stop by and get your free roll of sushi (with purchase of 3 rolls).

In case your not tired of seeing sushi

I would recommend the crunchy tuna, special eel and BBQ Pork (loved those). Others were also very good, among all the image chaos, you have the rainbow roll, the Rock N Roll, the Osaka Roll, and others that were pretty good. But on to the Ranking:

Special Eel Roll @ Sushi Osaka


If you want to know how I rank sushi, just click here for a breakdown. The sushi here was definitely not your traditional Nigiri but it is offered on their menu. Instead,  the Sushi rolls were very modern and unique but were lacking in many sushi standards. I can’t attack their sushi chef too much considering he had 10 guests at once ordering 3 rolls each. Still,  I could tell an inconsistency with the tastes as some sushi rice was done right and others were tasteless. Another factor you should always think about when eating sushi is the temperature of the rice. If the rice is cold, that means the sushi is not fresh – so that said, they did a good job (for the most part) dishing out fresh rice so I will give them points for that. James got a good dessert which was some type of matcha cheesecake that didn’t taste at all like matcha but had a good taste nonetheless. Altogether, I have to give a little benefit of the doubt since we are a large party so I was lenient.

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