Zaffron | Great Persian Food in Roswell

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Service
  • Great Food
  • Great Atmosphere

The Cons

  • Menu could use photos
  • A big pricy during dinner


8.9Loved this experience, they are definitely in the top 5 Persian restaurants ive tried.

Persian Food Takeover

When I think about Roswell, I immediately am reminded of all of the amazing choices of Persian buffets and restaurants that run down Roswell rd. I am totally not sure why this is but if you are looking for kebabs, hummus or similar Persian dishes, just think Roswell.

That said, I have tried all of the current chains in that area ( I say “current” since there are always new pop ups) and I am in love with Zafron. It is in my top 5 when it comes to Persian spots in the Roswell area. I was looking for a place t try for my birthday and started a group with my friends on facebook to try to figure out the best place for us to celebrate.

My friend Lan brought u Zafron and I was a bit shocked that I never actually tried this place yet s my first inclination was to write it off but I was glad we went.


First of all, upon walking in your welcomed by great staff and a fancy and classy put together atmosphere. Most Persian restaurants are made to be more of an upscale look but they did a great job with their interior.

Simple Menu, Powerful Flavors

Moving on to the food. The menu was pretty simple while having dishes that you don’t see at every Persian restaurant. My only issue with this menu is that it does not come with photos so you tend to ask a ton of questions as your trying to formulate how this dish is going to come out.

Soltan’s Feast

I got the Soltan’s Feast with a cherry basmati rice. The kabobs were amazing. Normally when your with kids at a high-end restaurant you cringe at the fact of getting them a dish they will not eat  – but my kids absolutely loved it. That says enough!

Vegetable Kabob was done very well! There was a slight char in the smell and taste but it was overtaken by the flavors put into these veggies. If you are vegetarian or vegan and in the area, you owe it to yourself to at least try this dish!

The waiter was extremely helpful and answered all questions with some great off-menu recommendations that we took advantage of. Next time I’m in Rosewell looking for Persian, this will be one of my first choices!

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