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Upon getting here I was in a rush so I set out my laptop and began working on something while the set up my table. Someone wearing white gloves showed up and asked for my permission to set the table. He was very careful at the presentation and set up my plate and utensils (complete with fork, knife, and chopsticks).

B Park Overview

Table Setting at B-Park


Since I am a Jazz lover, I loved the choices of music they were playing, it really added to the comfortable atmosphere. With the outside candlelit table and nice jazz music, I think the only thing missing was a date.


From the menu, I ordered two dishes. I hear there are three main chefs here: A vegetarian chef (tried his food already), an Italian chef and a Japanese chef. I tried the Seafood spaghetti and the shrimp tempura to get a taste of the other chef’s creations. The seafood spaghetti had a good kick to it from being cooked with red peppers as well as having a good dash of black pepper. Beyond that, it had a delicious taste: Pasta was well seasoned (this can be missed sometimes) and they didn’t hold off on the seafood (it was very hearty with prawns,  cuttlefish, scallops, and mussels). The sauce is made with a lobster broth and chilis so it has a great flavor but a bit of a kick. As I finished this and desperately went for water, my next dish came out

Seafood Pasta by B-Park


The Shrimp Tempura came out in a beautiful dish with some reddish, powdered matcha and tempura sauce. The tempura itself could use a little elevation but when mixed with the sauce and matcha-salt,  it had a good flavor (saved by the sauce). I was a bit confused about the matcha at first and decided to try it out a little too much giving myself a salt rush – so beware and use it sparingly. Towards the end of my meal, I dropped my fork and two people immediately reacted grabbing another one for me while another one hastily cleaned the table. This was a fast reaction – so I gotta give their service kudos for that.


Altogether the dining experience at B-Park was none less then a high/fine dining experience should give. the staff was dressed extremely professional and ready to answer any questions or fill a glass. The Food came out very fast (within 10 min of my order), was presented well and had a pretty good taste (if you love super spicy).

Xiangshan East Street | Shop 101 Building B1, North Section, OCT Culture Creative ZoneShenzhen, China


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