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Boba Mocha: The Original Bubble Tea in Duluth

Review overview

Customer Service8.5

The Pros

  • Calm environment for working
  • comfy seats and couches!!
  • A variety of menu options

The Cons

  • Outdated Christmas lights
  • A lot of clutter in a small cafe
  • Coffee is not fresh

Boba Mocha is one of the original Boba tea places in Duluth. They opened in 2013 (before Sweet Hut opened) and everybody has tried it except me. I thought it was time to change that.

I decided to come to the place to work and my first impression was, despite how cluttered the environment was, the place was very comfy!  The lighting was not too harsh, the noise level is calm, and the seats are very comfortable. Comfortable seats are very important for me, especially when I’m looking for a place to sit and work for a long time.


At first glance of the menu, I was a bit overwhelmed and confused. They definitely had a HUGE variety of items on their menu. On the drinks side of the menu, they offer Bubble tea, smoothies, frappes and coffee which is not that different for a typical boba tea shop. BUT on the food side really caught me off guard. They offer food such as Curry Puffs, burgers, burritos, Roti Canai (Indian bread) and Thai/Malaysian noodle soup. That is very fusion.


I decided to just stick with a medium iced latte. I went to the front to order and the barista immediately went to go make it. The coffee was made in a Nespresso machine which is very different for a cafe. A Nespresso machine makes espresso from a coffee capsule/pod. This is my first time witnessing a cafe use this machine and I was really hoping that it wouldn’t have a cheap taste to it since the espresso shots are from instant coffee pods.

(As I was observing the barista make my coffee, I noticed another barista make a smoothie with REAL fruit! Believe it or not, it’s not common for boba places to use real fruit for smoothies, they typically use purees from concentrate because it is cheaper. )

When finished, the barista didn’t call out my drink, she actually walked to my table and handed it to me with a smile!

The Drink

The latte was not up to par for me. It didn’t taste fresh and it was equivalent to the bottled coffee you would buy at Walmart. Definitely not worth $3.99 in my opinion. I did notice being caffeinated afterward so it did the trick, but the taste was not the best.

Boba Mocha is very difficult to compare to other bubble tea shops. There’s a widespread of items on the menu and I’m sure there’s something on there that will spark curiosity in you to want to try.


 Address: 2628 Pleasant Hill Rd, Ste 100
Duluth, GA 30096
 Phone: 678-367-3757 Email: info@bobamocha.com






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