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Farm To Table Comes to City of Duluth by Local on North

Farm-To-Table Styled Dishes

Local On North – A Unique Addition to City of Duluth

With many new restaurants moving in and elevating the atmosphere of the area, the City of Duluth has gone through quite a transformation over the past few years. One restaurant that stands out to me is Local on North! Local on North has been in the  Duluth for two years but the brand itself has been in the Georgia area since 2017. Their additional locations are in Marietta and Roswell.

Interior of Local On North

Fresh Dishes Made by Local Ingredients

Local on North stems from the first location being from North Street in Canton, GA.  The “Local” side of their name is based on their commitment to using local ingredients for the majority of their dishes.  All produce and chicken used at Local on North is sourced locally in Georgia. The other ingredients, such as mussels, steak, and seafood are not sourced in Georgia, of course.  other locally sourced choices at Local on North includes all except for one of the beers. It’s good to note that the spirits used in cocktails are also locally sourced.

Local On North Dishes

An Industrial Look with a Modern Feel

When I first stepped into Local on North, I noticed a great red pizza oven inside the white-tiled room. The overall space has a strong industrial feel complete with double garage doors for one of the walls that are open during the summer and a blacked-out open ceiling. The chairs and tables also resemble a modern industrial look. The main walls are literally covered in windows so this place is extremely well lit. In the end, the location has  a welcoming vibe, and I love the overall look and feel of this place

Amazing Dishes with Local Ingredients by Local on North

Grouper Tacos

Grouper Taco by Local On North

My first time coming to Local On North, I was a bit confused about which dish to try. I am a taco lover so seeing the grouper tacos, I wanted to give it a try first. I am totally happy that I was able to order this dish. The tacos had an amazing cream-based sauce, and the fish had a great flavor. I am not a fan of catfish, tilapia, or any other fish with a strong “fishy” smell. That said, the fish used in these tacos had a great texture and flavor without the fishy smell.

P.E.I Mussels

P.E.I Mussels by Local On North

I revisited Local on North maybe a week later to try some more dishes. When I was with my friends at Simply Done Donuts, they told me how amazing the P.E.I Mussels appetizer was so, naturally, I wanted to go and check it out. This dish was amazing. While the mussels were not local, they were definitely fresh. The mussels were covered in this amazing white wine cream and herb sauce, which was perfect for dipping the toast that comes with it. That said, don’t eat the toast until you’ve finished the mussels. They were served with three large pieces of toast, and  I regretted eating half of it before I even tried the mussels. The toast was sliced baguette covered in chive oil, herbs, and a red pepper-based brine on the top. It was a beautiful dish.  

Chicken Francaise

Chicken Francaise

This dish was both beautiful and is now one of my favorite chicken dishes! The chicken had been tenderized, and it definitely tasted like it had been marinated well. It was covered in a crispy breading and was smothered in an amazing lemon cream sauce, was covered in capers, and was served over a bed of mashed potatoes. The breading was done perfectly, and the sauce was not overpowering. Although it was covered in the lemon sauce, the flavor was perfectly balanced, and it married well with the potatoes and broccoli. If you’re going to Local on North for the first time, I definitely try this dish first.


Altogether, this Local on North is definitely needed in the City of Duluth, and I am glad that they opened a location here. The industrial feel and locally sourced ingredients create a perfect match for the city of Duluth scene. The dishes here are thought through and executed with a high quality that is hard to find in many other local restaurants in the area. I will definitely be back here.

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