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I always saw this place while grocery shopping at the City Farmers Market but never really tried it out until my friend asked me out for lunch in that area. Walking in, you get that Vietnamese feel with the Vietnamese television playing music performances. The feel is pretty modern though which is pretty different for most Vietnamese places. There are two long benches in the center for big groups, otherwise, its just 4 tops.

The Appetizers

I cant really say anything about the appetizers that you dont already know if youve been to a vietnamese restaurant. It consisted of the usual springrolls, eggrolls, fresh spring rolls ( the clear ones), etc. Me and my friend both got appetizers to be fair. I got the clear spring rolls with pork and my friend Daral (the YAM) got fried shrimp spring rolls. the springrolls were done fresh so the flavors were great and the shrimp springrolls were pretty awesome as well. The good  thing about the spring rolls was the sauce that came with them. It was pretty amazing.

Shrimp Spring Rolls with Chili Sauce
Fresh Pork Spring Rolls

The menu features your typical Pho and Bahn Mi choices as well as appetizers but what I loved about it is that there was a section of classic or authentic Vietnamese dishes and I wanted to try something i haven’t tried before. that said, I asked the waiter what was the the most bought dish that was in the menu. This lead me to get the Mi Quang Tom Thit.

Mi Quang Tom Thit


This dish was super unique to say the least. It consisted of flat rice noodles in a light brother covered in veggies, shrimp and chicken. The top was a crispy shell more like a cracker and that powery goodness was a peanut powder of some sort. I cant really explain all that was in this dish but it tasted amazing. I give them a ten for authenticity because ive never seen this dish at any other vietnamese reastuarant in the area.

Daral Chickened Out and Got the Usual

I love this palce and will most likely be back to be surprised again by another dish. you can find this spot in the City Farmers Market to the right alongside two other Vietnamese restauants.

Address: 1630 Pleasant Hill Rd # 190, Duluth, GA 30096

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Food
  • God Prices
  • Clean Atmosphere

The Cons

  • Server left halfway through our meal


8Overall my visit here was great. The server kindve walked out literally i think it was her break so we ended up without a server halfway through. Other then that, everything else was great.

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