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Flavors of Lebanon Hit Historic Duluth

Main Street Mediterranean Cafe

Historic Duluth quickly becomes a place of great eats and events as they have revamped their holiday celebrations and food truck Fridays. This puts them in a limelight for foodies like myself to linger around and see what is new and upcoming. I was walking down the Main Street and happened to run across a Mediterranean spot that I’ve never seen before called Main Street Mediterranean Cafe.  It’s easy to walk past this place as it’s behind the local pie shop and next to Nacho Daddy.  It’s also good to note that they have only been in the area a few months so if you haven’t been by Historic Duluth in the past few months, you wouldn’t have seen it.
Main Street Mediterranean Cafe was started by its owner Raymond when he came up with the idea of sharing his family recipes in a restaurant setting. He had already been in the food and beverage industry almost 15 years so this is not too new to him. The food here encompasses dishes you would find in Lebanese cuisine as well as Mediterranean favorites such as gyro wraps and baklava.

Spacious  – Rustic Atmosphere

When you first come into Main Street Mediterranean Cafe at first glance, your going to see many booths and tables and get a feel of a spacious restaurant. The menu is written on the wall above the register and also paper menus are available. One thing I think they could do better with the menu is to add photos as many of these dishes are foreign to the locals here.

Great Choices for Shawarma

If you find yourself at Main Street Mediterranean Cafe and are unsure of what you order, you can’t go wrong with the shawarma sandwich or shawarma wrap. I absolutely loved This is one of the best sellers at Main Street Medditerran. What threw me off was the flavors and love they put in two the meat itself. Normally in small shops, the meats pretty much blend in with all of the ingredients and are a bit silent but the chicken really stands out in this dish. Another thing that stood out to me that I’ve never seen was the sauce that came with it. I expected a tzatziki sauce but this is a homemade white garlic sauce made from a family recipe (sorry that’s all the info I could get). It really made everything taste better on both dishes that I tried.

Kabobs Worth Trying

Another best seller here is the Kabobs. You can get either chicken or steak and order it simple or with a platter of rice, salad, and pita. I loved this dish and the flavors that came out of the steak and the chicken.  Both the steak and chicken are marinated for 24 hours (also all the info I could get about it) and are very flavorful.
This also came with the unique garlic white sauce.

Fresh Ingredients from Local Farmers

It’s good to note that everything at Main Street Mediterranean Cafe is made in house. All of the sauces and even the vegetables are made using local GA ingredients. The coffee itself is made from a local farmer in Athens. the only thing on the menu that is not made in house would be the desserts which are made outside the kitchen and brought in.
Also its good to note that nothing is reheated. Everything is cooked fresh once you order. That said, there may be a slight wait on your order but you know you are getting something that has been created and cooked on order – so you’re getting something fresh.  This is very good to note considering that even the gyro wraps are made on order. Most places will have a large rotating piece of meat that gets refrigerated overnight and reheated until it is done. (Read The Untold History of the Gyro Wrap). The gyros here are slices and cooked fresh on the spot.
Dessert wise, there are 3 types of Baklava (walnut, pistachio and mixed) as well as cheesecakes and other desserts brought in from local bakeries. If you have a cheesecake craving, be sure to try the pistachio cheesecake.

Bringing to Duluth the Taste from Home

The owners hail from Lebanon and you can see many flavors of their culture in all of the dishes that they make.
most of the recipes are recipes that have been passed down from their grandparents. There are Lebanese favorites such as falafel and kafta. If you are a vegetarian, there are many Lebanese favorites such as baba ghanoush, hummus, grape leaves, salads and of course the falafel. There is also a vegetable platter which is one of the best sellers here.

“This type of good comes from my grandparents… it is what we know. This is our heritage.

Main Street Mediterranean Cafe
Address3107 Main St Ste C, Duluth, GA 30096


Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

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