MJ’s Korean Tacos and Wings : A Must Try

Popular Spot in the Duluth Area

I have lived in the Duluth area for some time and have always driven past MJ’s Korean Tacos and Wings but recently decided to try it out. Upon walking in, I realized it would be almost impossible to do a huge party here since the space is very limited. I was given a seat and almost immediately asked to move and go to a bar area since there were no seats available for a party that just came in.

MJ’s Korean Tacos Front

In some circumstances, this could have been a bit frustrating as I had already broken out my laptop and began ranking these guys – but considering it was lunch rush, I won’t count it against them. I was given a table a little bit later once it was free.

Affordable Lunch Specials

I was not sure what to order here but the menu seemed pretty simple with smoothies, tacos, wings, and fries being the main thing. I saw a lunch special for $10 give or take which included fries, two tacos and a soda (I switched for tea). After that, I believe I only waited about ten-fifteen minutes for my dish to come out. This is actually pretty good for lunch rush which can easily set a kitchen back 10 minutes.


The tacos came out looking like heaven! They had two choices: one was their original with a slaw topping and sauce (I’m not sure of the kind of sauce). The other was more Mexican style with sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. I didn’t know what to do so I got a spicy pork original and a spicy chicken Mexico style.

MJ’s Korean Tacos and Wings in Duluth, GA

Both were very good and affordable (only about $2.75 each if bought alone). After eating both of those I was already almost out for the count. The meats were heavily seasoned and spicy. This worked out good for me since it caused them to shine through all the fluff of the flour tortilla, the pound of lettuce, etc.

The fries were also amazing in my point of view. I paid an extra $1 to have them done parmesan style. I expected them to come dry with just dry cheese shaved over but they came very wet and saucy (need a fork for this one). They were covered in a cheese sauce and then shaved parm. Take it from me – after the fries and the 2 tacos, you want to roll out of there.


I was a bit bummed out that this is not really a cafe in a sense that there aren’t any power adaptors or much of a comfortable atmosphere. It seems more like a get-in and get-out type of space. That said, I am not complaining too much as the pricing here is very affordable. I suppose they are cutting corners of overhead to keep prices low and that works for me. They do; however, have wifi available (code in the back wall) which is pretty fast considering there aren’t a lot of people there to work or play on their phones.



(770) 680-5474

3473 Old Norcross Rd

Duluth, GA

Review overview


The Pros

  • Staff was very attentive
  • Prices are great
  • Food was a great experience


7.9Altogether, if this place was closer I would be here more often. Still, when I am in the Duluth area writing or working, its one of my new favorite spots for lunch. If your going to try it out, I would recommend going before 11:30 or after 2PM when its more empty. Otherwise, your fighting for your life for a seat.

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