Nacho Daddy Opens Up in the Heart of Duluth

Flavors of Vegas Hit Historic Duluth

I have heard a lot of things about Nacho Daddy and yet did not know the full location until I accidentally stumbled upon it while walking through historic Duluth. What I did not know was that Nacho Daddy originates in Las Vegas. The owners were out trying a random at restaurants and came up with a grand idea of making an appetizer like dessert like nachos into an entree. From this idea came the opening of Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas on the Strip. They have been in the Vegas area over eight years before branching out to Georgia around the beginning of February this year.

Nacho Daddy Las Vegas Strip
Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas

Taking Nachos to Another Level

I love the concept of nachos as an entree because nachos are just amazing to me. That said, I was already pretty excited to find out about this spot since they are giving nachos the credit they deserve. The menu at Nacho Daddy is not just Nachos: there are many other types of foods including tacos, enchiladas, burritos,  fajitas and more.

Not Your Average Tex-Mex

The atmosphere at Nacho Daddy is very family-friendly during the day but more of a bar scene at night. They are also known for their margaritas so expect a busy evening if you are going after six. During the day its quite calm and there are brunch options on the weekends from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

A few things make them different from your going Tex-Mex restaurant. First of all, its good to note that the Nachos at Nacho Daddy are not just thrown together like most cases. They strategically plan out and calculate all ingredients for the peak flavor and taste. One thing they will tell you is that there will be no nacho left dry and that is the case.  Most other nacho spots will typically have a bed of dry nachos with all the ingredients over the top. Also, its good to note that the tortillas and the nachos are both made in house so you are getting fresh chips and tortillas (corn tortillas) every time. When your trying the BBQ, ranch and even the salsa – all are made by a prep crew before the restaurant opens. That said, you are always getting a fresh taste when you order your dish.


The whole theme of Nacho Daddy is – of course – the nachos. They put a lot of focus into each nacho dish using house-made nachos and calculating every ingredient that goes into each dish. The saying is that there will never be a dry chip. That said, you can expect a layered nacho dish instead of the usual nacho dish where all the ingredients are just thrown on the top of a handful of chips.

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Supreme Tostada Nachos

I tried the manager’s recommendation which was the supreme tostada nachos. This is the “end all – be all” of the nacho dishes. Its good to note that there are high-end nachos made from ingredients such as lobster or filet mignon if you want to go all out on your nacho experience.  There are also some unique choices such as the Thai Chicken Nachos. These nachos are made with ground beef and have a heart portion of everything you would expect in nachos. Jenny and I were told that one dish could fill two people so if you are looking for dinner on a budget, bring a friend and chow-down!

Nacho Daddy Supreme Tostada Nachos
Nacho Daddy Supreme Tostada Nachos

My colleague and I could not finish this dish but we tried hard to. It’s one of those dishes that you just eat blindly not knowing that you are full because the flavors are so great. Also with the whole concept of nachos, you don’t expect to get filled. I loved it personally, and its definitely something I will return for. The chips were house-made and had a fresh flavor and everything down to the salsa was done right!



If you’re looking for a show and a build your own taco experience, check out the flaming shrimp tacos at Nacho Daddy. This is a customer favorite because it brings out all the ingredients that make up their tacos on the side so you can either showdown on the fajita-style grilled shrimp or make your tacos from corn tortillas or a flaky paratha style tortilla. I loved how they chose paratha as the flour tortilla choice since it’s a more flaky and flavorful choice than your traditional tortilla.

Flaming Shrimp Tacos

When this came out, the shrimp was already cooking on a fajita-style plate, it was then lit on fire and cooked in an open flame. the show was pretty awesome – its something you would want to do to impress a date.



While we were making our initial order, we were told that the wings here are great and a must-try. Normally, everywhere we go, people always boast about having the best wings so we didn’t expect the best. That said, we were caught off guard by how amazing these wings are. The Spicy Grilled Lemon Pepper Wings are a must-try for anyone who comes here. I don’t know exactly how these are made but they are tender enough to break apart without effort, but still have a crispy grilled texture. The flavor has a pop of lemon with a good kick of spice. It brings the name “Lemon Pepper” to reality.

A Unique Experience

If you want a very unique experience with Nachos and killer wings (or maybe you just want to go for the wings), you need to check Nacho Daddy out. I would recommend going during the day while the staff is not so slammed. That way you can get your questions answered and get some pretty good recommendations. I was a bit impressed by how much knowledge about the menu the staff had.


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