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The Langham,  Shenzhen has always been known for their high-quality food and service. When I first came to The Langham, Shenzhen, I was there to try their brunch lead by their Western Executive Chef, Fabrice back in 2017. I loved the live music choices as well as the quality of the food that was dished out. That said, when I heard that there was an outside bar/restaurant called Perch that I have not experienced,  I was quick to go along with my friend Hanmei (read her Chinese review here).


When I stepped into Perch,  I loved the feeling of comfort there. It was put together very well in an open atmosphere with modern couches and espresso wood tables. The decor was extremely inviting.

Perch is the name of a bird nesting place and resembles the theme of this restaurant as it’s an elevated terrace-style restaurant with an open view of the city.  Once you’ve gotten over the beautiful scenery, you’re faced with elegant food and drinks created by bartender Kevin Zhang and dining chef Zero.



Bartender Kevin Zhang has been working in this profession since 2008 when he entered the hotel industry and began working with wines and spirits.  Around 2011 he began working at the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s bar and studied a lot about cocktails after developing a strong interest in this field.

His new love for this art would take him to different parts of China working in bars and elevating his skills in cocktails, wines, and spirits. He has now been with The Langham, Shenzhen since 2017 and leads the bar at Perch where he hopes to involve their cocktails in local competitions to showcase what he can do. If you find yourself at Perch, the best sellers are the Cacaroro, Oriole, and the Kingfisher – which are also Kevin’s favorite cocktails to make.


Experiencing some of his creations, Parakeet was the cocktail that was the most unique. To prepare this cocktail,  whiskey, vermouth, and bitters are blended and kept in a barrel for at least 3 weeks. After this period, the mixture is put into an ice ball. This method is one where a ball of ice is only frozen enough for the outside to be solid and the water in the middle is removed through a small hole. The ice ball is then frozen solid until needed. The rim of the glass is covered in orange zest and the orange peel is added to the final drink to add to the flavor. Finally, after that the orange peel is put into the glass with the ice ball and the ball is broken by a small hammer to complete the presentation. This was something new for me to witness.

Perch’s Parakeet



Other cocktails that had a slight twist were the  Palm Swift which was the Perch’s version of a Daiquiri made of rum, contra, and lemon. It’s served with sliced mango and mango caviar (small round pebbles of mango).

Palm Swift

Another cocktail that has a unique twist is the Hooded Crane which is Perch’s version of a margarita except they are not using your standard salted rim. Instead, they take sea salt that has been smoked for half an hour and is whipped into a foam that is topped on this drink. It resembles an ice cream topping but is very light.

Hooded Crane @ Perch


Besides being an open bar terrace, Perch resembles a gastropub and has a full-time chef named Zero dishing out amazing food. Zero has been cooking for 16 years and has had a strong interest in western cuisine as a child due to being fed western dishes by his aunt who would send ingredients from America to his mother who would make these dishes for his lunch to school. Checking out Shenzhen over ten years ago, Zero realized that there were very few establishments offering good western cuisine. Because of this, he set out to learn more about western cooking to offer these types of dishes to Shenzhen. If you want to try his favorite dishes, they would be the rib-eye steak and any item from their BBQ list. He also understands the importance of bringing the gastropub experience to Shenzhen since he has noticed that many bars are great for drinks, but lack good food. With this mission, he hopes that Perch can be a place where people come for good drinks but also to enjoy great food.



My first time here, I got to try the Foie Gras Ganache which is a creamy blended goose liver dish topped with mixed nuts and served with a toast. This is a good sharing item for an appetizer. The flavor was very creamy and almost sweet.


I also tried their Mediterranean Tuna Salad which was made of pumpkin seed, basil, tomato, a mixture of greens and fresh tuna. It’s made from a mixture of fresh leafy vegetables topped with balsamic vinegar. I liked how the tuna was done – since it was lightly grilled with a raw center.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad at Perch


My favorite item was also the favorite of the Chef’s which was the Bone-in Short Ribs. This item came out with puffed pita bread and was probably the best tasting short ribs I’ve ever had. The short ribs have been braised for six hours in a demi-glace which takes 8 hours to prepare. That said, I really don’t think that this needed any help. Still, what is left over after the six-hour braise is blended with garlic and middle eastern spices, reduced and poured over the top.

Bone-In Short Ribs by Perch


Altogether, my experience at Perch was great. The service was beyond what I would expect with many visits from management to make sure that our experience was going well.  Also, the staff was very attentive to our needs. What I like the most about the food is that it was beautifully presented but also had great flavor and taste (not your usual beautiful – bland hotel food).  I believe this establishment will gain traction fast and be a great place to relax and enjoy a meal for both hotel guests and outsiders like myself.

Address: Level 3, The Langham, Shenzhen, 7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen
深圳市福田区深南大道7888号, 深圳朗廷酒店, 3层

Website: Perch’s (The Langham Shenzhen)’s Website

Booking Phone Number: 86 (755) 8828 9888 ext.8922



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