About Georgia Foodies

Who is Georgia Foodies

Georgia Foodies was formed in 2011 initially as a PR company specializing in restaurant events. Since then we have molded into a full stack marketing agency offering all services from Social Media, Commerical Production, Pr Events and more!

Who is Engage Pulse

Although we love food and promoting great restaurants, this company is still a subsidiary of Engage Pulse which is the parent company and an enterprise level marketing agency specializing in Ai and Marketing Automation. That said, you are not just working with influencers when you work with us but you are working with a team of seasoned marketing professionals!

What Do We Do?

We offer PR events where we will:

  • Create a promotional video of your restaurant
  • Promote it on social media channels to over 30k of our followers
  • Set up an event with your restaurant
  • Show up with 20+ paying customers

We Offer Video Promotions that include:

  • Full 10-20Min YouTube Video
  • 4-5 shorts created for social media
  • 1 month of promotion from our network of 30k subscribers