Cafe Mixx Brings Korean Fusion Foods to Suwanee


The great thing about living in Duluth is the number of cafes to try new teas, desserts or just to study and hang out in. The strong presence of Taiwanese, Korean and Chinese cafes brings a unique mix of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. Although this is an awesome thing, sometimes (or many times) I find myself finding a great cafe with my favorite styles of drinks or a great bakery but not normally together.

That said, I was extremely happy to find Cafe Mixx while driving by in Suwanee. A few friends told me about this place due to the fantastic job they do in making katsu-style chicken and pork. That’s what got me in the door but I was shocked to see that this cafe, unlike most in the area, combines great Korean fusion foods, desserts, and coffee all in one place.



This is not just a cafe that mixes multiple items in one kitchen, but Cafe Mixx is a part of a group of cafes in the Georgia and California areas such as Alchemist Trading Co, Cafe Bora, and Mixx Kitchen.  If you are in the John’s Creek/Duluth area, you would have probably stopped by Alchemist Trading Co which is known for its Dutch coffee and amazing teas.

This cafe is fashionable in the interior parts because of the owner Eric who has a background in interior design. The purpose of Alchemist Coffee is to introduce premium coffee from around the world. That said, their coffee is coming from multiple roasters and not a single source. That said, many of the drinks you try at Alehmist Trading Co are using different beans instead of the usual shop that uses one bean with different variations.

To me, this really sets Alchemist Trading Co apart from your usual coffee shop having multiple single-origin coffees sourced from multiple locations.  If you find yourself in Suwanee, you can also try coffee from Alchemist Trading Co along with the dishes from Mixx Kitchen.


Amazing Food From Mixx Kitchen

When I first came to Cafe Mixx, I was excited about the “wow” factor alone of the dishes that were coming out of the kitchen. The theme from Cafe Mixx’s kitchen is Korean fusion which can come across with a strong Japanese look/feel. Having lived in Japan, I am a huge fan of “Katsu” and the Cutlet options at Cafe Mixx.

Pork Cutlet

When looking at the menu at Cafe Mixx, the first item I noticed was the pork cutlet and I absolutely loved the flavor and the level of crunch that this thing had! It was more crunchy than the kind that I loved from Japan. This is due to a secret recipe that they use in their breading that makes it more crunchy. A typical cutlet is cooked by coating the meat of choice with flour, dipping it in egg, and then dipping in breadcrumbs for that extra crispy texture. I am told the ones here are using a different approach so…you gotta try it to know what I mean!

If you’re wanting to go a step further, you need to try the honey, butter chicken cutlet which is an amazing dish featuring their cutlet covered in a butter sauce and covered in parmesan cheese. This is now my new favorite dish from Cafe Mixx.

Fried Chicken

Since Mixx Kitchen is a Korean-styled kitchen, it wouldn’t be complete without KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). There are two types of chicken served here which are seasoned and non-seasoned. The seasoned in my opinion is not what it sounds like. These pieces come marinated in a sweet chili sauce and are more sweet than spicy. One thing I love about these wings is the fact that they are super crispy (much like the cutlet). Both the regular and the seasoned are available in two regular sizes (10pcs) and Large (20pcs).

Unique Korean Desserts

`Another item that Cafe Mixx that stands out is the Korean desserts. There are many choices of bingsu that are done differently than in other places. This is because when you order your bingsu here, you get it with a separate cup for more of the condensed milk to add to it so that you are not stuck eating just shredded ice. That’s definitely one thing I hate the most about bingsu so I’m glad someone thought that through.

bingsu at Cafe Mixx
bingsu at Cafe Mixx

Another great dessert is the purple potato ice cream. When I was in Japan and China this was a popular dessert that you saw everywhere. Even Macdonalds in Hong Kong uses this for their ice cream cones at a certain time of the year. That said, I was a bit surprised to finally see it show up in the Gwinnett area. The ice cream literally tastes like purple potatoes so you need to brace yourself if you haven’t had this before as it can be a bit surprising.

There are other desserts here that I did not go into but they have a full bakery that includes different types of cakes, ice cream, shaved ice as well as dessert drinks as well.

A Great Mix Indeed

Altogether, I love the idea of Cafe Mixx because it is totally a great mix of a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a bakery. It’s definitely a great mix of the dining and cafe atmosphere. It’s a place you can come and get some work done while also enjoying a great drink and even a meal if you get hungry. Unlike most cafes in the area, they do not just specialize in one thing and they do many things well.


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