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Food Truck: Chuy’s Tacos

Tacos, Tortas and Quesedillas

Taco Tuesday @ Truck and Tap : Historic Duluth

For taco Tuesday, Candace and I made our way to Historic Duluth  to see what new food truck would be parked at Truck and Tap .  I was totally not shocked to see a taco place there (being Taco Tuesday and all) but I really liked how authentic the flavors were.

Tacos Done Street Style

Of course, if I’m at a taco truck, I’m going to get tacos right? So we got the 4 for 10 special. (I still think its a bit pricey, but most food trucks  in Georgia tend to keep the prices high to cover their overhead). This is typical because most food trucks are still required to have commercial kitchen space and are under more regulations. (read How to Start a Food Truck in Atlanta).

4 Tacos for $10 Special

I got the usual flavors you would find in taquerias: Chorizo, Pollo, Asada, Pastor. The look of the four tacos coming out was actually very impressive for a food truck. We got the tacos with everything on it but one thing I would say is that these do not come with forks.

That said – if you’re going to put grilled onions in the middle of 4 tacos, your asking for a mess on the customer’s side. I would rather they just distribute it for me so that I’m not running around trying to find napkins.

Besides that, the tacos were great. There was a jalapeno (green salsa) and another salsa made from a popular red pepper in Mexico that I cannot remember the name of. The sauce was fire! I mean literally, It was kicking spicy but had great flavor.

Serving in the Roswell Area

Talking to the owner, it appears this food truck is mainly located in the Roswell area so if your in the area check them out!


Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Flavors
  • Great Salsa
  • Helpful Staff

The Cons

  • High Priced
  • Tortillas were store bought


7For a taco food truck, the deal and flavors are pretty good. I would still say that to be so close to the Norcross area, the tacos are a bit pricey. Not even 15 min away is Titos who sells the same type of tacos for $1 every day. But if you happen to find your way in the area of this food truck, definitely give them a try but I wouldn't search them out - there are better choices in the Duluth area.

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