Marketing Consulting

Restaurant Consulting You Can Trust In

We are passionate about two things here at Georgia Foodies: Marketing and Food. We possess over 40+ years of marketing experience and love to help businesses like you come up with plans that will allow you to scale your presence in your community or online. Our group possesses multiple certifications in the tools that your company will need to scale high including email marketing, social media management, analytics, and paid advertising tools. 

Menu Consulting

When working out a seasonal menu, a soft opening menu, or even strategizing your local demographic. You don’t want to make these decisions without a team of experts to do extensive research on your targeted demographic across the geographical landscape of your restaurant’s reach. If you move too fast in this area, it can easily be something that makes or breaks your restaurant’s ability to meet the demand of your target customers. Let us do extensive research, competitive analysis and bring you the best options for what is working in your area. We have award-winning menu consultants who have helped large franchises as well as local restaurants.


If you are a new and upcoming restaurant, one of the main ways to get the word out is to have



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