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Masti Indian Fun Street Eats | Indian Style Fusion Foods in Duluth and Atlanta

Indian Fusion Food Located in John's Creek, GA


Indian cuisine has been gaining popularity in the United States in recent years. With a rich and diverse culinary history, Indian food offers a wide variety of flavors, spices, and ingredients that have captivated the taste buds of many Americans. The rise of Indian food in the US can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the growing population of Indian immigrants in the country, the increasing popularity of global cuisine, and the recognition of Indian food as a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional American fare.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Indian immigrants began to settle in the United States in larger numbers, bringing with them their traditional foods and culinary techniques. Over the years, Indian restaurants began to pop up in major cities across the country, offering Americans a taste of the exotic flavors and spices of Indian cuisine.

As the popularity of Indian food grew, so did the interest in its unique ingredients and cooking methods. Many American chefs began to incorporate Indian flavors and techniques into their own dishes, leading to a fusion of Indian and American cuisines.

Today, Indian food has become a staple in the American culinary scene, with a wide variety of Indian restaurants and fusion eateries popping up in cities across the country. With its delicious flavors and health benefits, Indian cuisine is quickly becoming one of the most popular and beloved global cuisines in the United States.

I am already a big fan of Indian fusion foods so this place would have to really do a bad job to get me on their bad side. That said, I came to Masti with my wife Leah not really expecting the vast amount of Indian fusion foods that they had on the menu but also a lot of traditional dishes – some I’ve not seen since coming back to the states so I was thrilled at first glance. We both love Indian food but are also pretty picky about it.

STAFF at Masti


Crunchy Table Starter at Masti Indian
Crunchy Table Starter at Masti Indian

The staff at Masti are pretty friendly and available to answer any questions. We were asking quite a few questions about the special of the day, what was good, what was the best sellers, etc etc and the waiter was quick to answer and really helped us order our dishes by letting us know what he thought we would like based on the information we gave him. There is a manager who seems to always wear a white shirt who is always friendly and available to answer any questions.


Masti Atmosphere | The John’s Creek Location

My first time coming here, I gotta say, the presentation of the restaurant is very Indian in a sense that you are hit with many colors around the restaurant and upon sitting down we were given these round chips (almost taste like shrimp chips) that were extremely vibrant. (Kid’s loved those). The cups of water were branded with this rustic look.

Masti Interior Water glass
Masti Water glass

The Dishes I’ve tried at Masti

Indian Dumplings
Indian Dumplings

Dumplings | Not sure of the name

When I was trying to figure out what I wanted, the waiter talked me into trying this Indian styled fusion potsticker which was served in a sweet chili sauce named – “something or another” (I have no idea the name)….searching yelp menu pictures….and….got nothing lol. Maybe it was special. Either way, it was amazing, see the photos I took for a visual. If you happen to be there just ask about the potsticker app.

When I was blown away by the flavor of this I was totally in the hands of the waiter so I just had him choose whatever he wanted for me while Leah ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala Tacos.

Lamb Korma at Masti Fun Indian Street Eats
Lamb Korma at Masti Fun Indian Street Eats

Lamb Korma

I believe he ordered me a Korma with Lamb. Honestly, it took my breath away….because of the crazy spiciness lol. But once I got over sweating and hacking I really enjoyed it (you haven’t had real Indian if you’re not breaking a sweat).

Masti Tikka Tacos
Masti Tikka Tacos

Tikka Tacos

The tikka masala tacos came out a bit different than I expected. The taco size of it was more of a pancake or French styled crepe but it made the dish pretty easy to eat with a knife and fork. When you’re doing fusion food, it’s really hard to judge the end product because your pulling from everywhere so I will just give this a pass. The food was great, the pancake was great so…great.

Tikka Pasta at Masti Fun Indian Street Eats
Tikka Pasta at Masti Fun Indian Street Eats

Tikka Pasta

I loved Masti so much I came back quite a few times and on my last trip I tried the Masti masala pasta and it was amazing. The sauce was thick, creamy, and very rich in flavor. You can tell a lot of love was put into this dish.


If you love new Indian styled fusion or even traditional, you can find them both here. I would say the only dish that I’ve tried and wasn’t crazy about was the fish and chips mainly because I had a strong dislike for tilapia….its just, not a good tasting fish. Anyhow, my 2 cents!

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