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Moo Tea | Bringing China Boba Tea Fads to Duluth

Modern Boba Teas and Drinks

moo tea bubble tea drinks

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great creativity
  • Super friendly owner
  • Wifi Available
  • Good Drinks

The Cons

  • Menu could use some snacks
  • Missing Coffee Drinks
  • Can be a bit hard to find


There are quite a bit of milk tea spots in the Duluth area and being a resident here, I can easily name over 10 locations within 5 miles of my house. That said, when you are thinking about opening a new boba location, you need to make sure that you have something that keeps you standing out from the rest of the competition. Cuckoos did a great job with this by combining their boba with a full menu of snacks and sandwiches. Not too far from the cuckoos craze, one boba shop decided to combine their skills in Chinese desserts drinks called Moo Tea.


Moo Tea’s owner Anqi Liu is from Shoujo which is a province near Shanghai. He came to Georgia back in 1996 and would later take a trip back to China and be motivated to bring the popular drinks he experienced back to the states. Moo Tea was opened in December of 2019 combining his partner’s skill in making crepe and custom cakes with Anqi’s passion for boba tea and specialty drinks.

If you have traveled around China, it wouldn’t take long to notice a large number of milk tea spots with some major brands such as Cocos, 1 Moment, Gong Cha, and Royal Tea. When you go to Moo Tea you are not really getting the Americanized franchise version of milk teas but you are seeing similar drinks that are current and popular overseas in China. That said, Anqi takes a lot of time to find out the current drink fads overseas and make consistent changes to the menu to keep up with what is popular – many times before anyone gets wind of it by staying in constant connection with whats going on in China.

Moo Tea Outside


Although Moo Tea’s name has the focus on tea, they are popular in the area for their amazing desserts as well. Anqi’s partner Yan has been baking for quite some time and has kept Moo Tea popular in the local community by baking custom cakes and specializing in crepe cakes which are really popular right now. A crepe cake is a multi-layered cake made from typically 25-30 crepes layered with cream. Also, she is always making new desserts daily including slices of her crepe cakes that you can purchase in-house.
Desserts at Moo Tea


When I first came to Moo Tea, the overall look of the space was very romantic to me. It seemed to be more like a feel for selfies or someplace that a couple would go and try and dessert together. This is due to the use of pink and gold as the main color scheme. The wall decor is very nice and the ceiling is decorated with gold cubes and gold flake filled light bulbs. I must say the couches are super comfy but currently, due to covid many of them are cut off as the dining space has been decreased a bit.
Moo Tea Interior


Royal Tea has a unique list of drinks but is well known for their flower fruit teas such as the roast grapefruit,  osmanthus oolong, pineapple basin lemon tea, and the kiwi jasmine with peach jelly. These are the go to’s if you are a bit confused about what to try and are the most popular. Considering that the owners of Moo Tea are constantly adding seasonal items to their menu – Jose and I wanted to try what was the drinks for today and got to try a few of the new drinks on the menu from both the coconut slushy series and the new mochi series.
 I try to keep up with what is mainstream in China and try to bring that here and always try to step up my game based on the new fads happening overseas.  -ANQI LIU

Soy Milk Tea Mochi Latte.

Soy Milk Tea Mochi Latte by Moo Tea

I love specialty drinks and trying new things but what I love most is caffeine! I was happy when I saw this drink combining the new Mochi drinks with milk tea. This drink had a great flavor, it wasn’t too sweet in my taste and it had a soy milk cap at the top which married well with the drink. One thing I was unsure of was the mochi. I thought it would be hard to sip up with the spoon and/or very chewable but it was very soft and almost dissolved in my mouth. It was definitely a new experience that I have never tried before but I am totally sold into it! This drink included taro balls, mochi, tapioca, fresh whole milk, and a sprinkle of soybean flakes.

Purple Yam mochi Latte

Moo Tea's Purple Yam Mochi Latte

There are 4 flavors in the new mochi drinks that are now available at Moo Tea such as the sweet potato mochi latte, the matcha mochi latte, and the one I tried the purple yam mochi latte. This drink was very filling. The purple yam was extremely soft and blended well with the flavors of the taro balls and the brown sugar boba. This was a vibrant and refreshing drink and the Its good to note that the taro paste and the purple yam pastes are all made in-house. When you get a drink at Moo Tea, no powders are being used. The teas here are brewed daily and all of the base ingredients are made in-house. this is something that stands them apart from most of the tea shops in the Duluth area.

Mochi Coconut Taro with Mango

Mochi Coconut Taro with Mango by Moo Tea

There is also a line of new drinks featuring a coconut-infused slushy over multiple layers of flavors. This type of drink definitely reminds me of many of my favorite drinks in China. There was a place called Matcha 360 that had a drink very similar to this and I loved how it has so many layers of flavors and almost demanded to be eaten with a spoon. Two types of drinks now at Moo Tea (as of 12/28/2020) are the coconut mango pomelo and the mocha coconut taro with mango. We went for the mochi coconut taro with mango and absolutely loved it. Honestly, I am not a coconut lover so I was really excited that the coconut part of this drink was not so overpowering but did well with the overall drink. The taro portion of this drink was also a great addition, it’s made in-house and also a bit subtle in flavor so it’s also not overpowering the drink. The pieces of mango seemed to be sweetened possibly because they are out of season and need that extra push. Either way, Jose deemed this his favorite drink (I am still leaning towards the mochi drinks just because they are so unique).
Altogether, having been to all of the boba tea spots in our area, I would say that Moo Tea is really doing the extra mile to make sure that they have drinks that are up to par with the current fads overseas. By using real tea, and fresh ingredients – you may not get the cheapest boba tea here, but you’re definitely doing to get a deal for what you pay here! Moo Tea is closed on Tuesdays but overwise, they are open currently from 10:30AM – 8PM.
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