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Falling Rabbit: Great Atmosphere but I have Mixed Feelings

An Overall Fun Experience

We had a great time visiting Falling Rabbit and had a small event there with members from the meetup group. Everyone tried to get a mixture of appetizers, entrees, and desserts so that we could get a well-rounded understanding of the current menu that was there.

 A Unique Atmosphere at Falling Rabbit

The atmosphere of this place is five-star quality. I love the color scheme and even outside as we were walking in, we noticed the outside chairs which were painted gold and just matched the rustic feel so well. The interior had a classy brown and teal look and feel alone with many wall decorations of unique depictions of rabbits.


Killer Appetizers at Falling Rabbit

I had heard good things about the oysters here and wanted to try that first. The oysters were served over Himalayan Pink Salt and were done perfectly. I think this was the highlight of my experience here personally. I think if I find myself back at Falling Rabbit, I would have no shame in just ordering a ton of oysters and calling it an evening. They were not just done raw with a side sauce that seemed to be steamed and seasoned very well with garlic and other things added. I have had oysters at a ton of spots around the globe and this was definitely my best experience.

Oysters from Falling Rabbit in Duluth Georgia
Oysters over Pink Salt

Beet Salad

Nancy (That Traveling Foodie) got the beet salad and that was also a great starter! I loved the fact that this salad came super colorful,  and full of flavor. There was a combinations of greens, beets and it all came together with what seems to be multiple soft egg yokes. This was another starter that I think was done very well.

Beet salad by Falling Rabbit | Duluth GA city of Duluth
Beet Salad

Foie Gras Appetizer

Another appetizer that we tried was the foie gras with toast. Its been some time since I really dug into a good foie gras and this was done very well as well. Again, there is nothing and I can say about this appetizer – our friend benjamin ordered it and also really enjoyed it.

foie gras appetizer from falling rabbit
Foie Gras Appetizer


Entrees at Falling Rabbit: Not the Best

I think the issue at hand here is that once we got used to the appetizers being killer, we expected more on the entrees. The problem with that expectation is that most of the entrees we got let us down in a big way. First off, one of the members of the group got a dish that combined risotto with sweet breads and that was actually a great meal and very flavorful. He really enjoyed it so I will first give hats off for this dish. It was a colorful and well presented dish and had great flavor.

sweet breads entree at Falling Rabbit in Duluth GA
Spaetzle from Falling Rabbit

The entree that caught my eye was the Wagyu and grits. Another guest at the table also ordered this dish. It came out looking spectacular but lacking anything that has to do with taste. I did love the presentation with eh crunchy purple potatoes but honestly, it should have at least some salt. The grits were cooked well – not grainy. The Wagyu was just thrown in but not flavored. I honestly got more flavor out of the topping then the rest of the dish. My fiend who got the same thing felt the same way, its one of those dishes you would eat and just decide never to order again.

Wagyu and grits appetizer from Falling Rabbit and City of Duluth

Nancy got a special dish featuring a cut of steak wrapped around foie gras and servied with picked mushrooms over some greens. I honestly do not know the name of this dish. One thing that stood out to me though was the fact that once it came out to the table, I knew that it was overcooked. The beef was rock hard on the outside and not so easy to chew. Nancy combined it all together – the meat, a piece fo the mushrooms, greens and sauce and it had a great flavor to it. I would say this dish although overcooked was not too bad except for the fact of the overpowering mushrooms.

foie gras stuffed steak from Falling Rabbit in duluth
Foie Gras Stuffed Steak

As all of us were eating our main dishes, someone else ordered the Guinea Hen. This dish came out pretty spectacular as well. I would say the overall presentation of each dish always came with a wow factor. My hats off to the chef due to this fact. Hen is a tough bird to cook and keep tender and this was no special occasion. He hen was fried and was extremely hard to chew down.

Guinea Hen from Falling Rabbit in City of Duluth
Guinea Hen

After the main courses were done, I was ready just to call it a day. Frankly, for the price that I was paying for these dishes, I expected a better dish to be presented to me. Presentation wise, they were great but flavor wise – I felt corners were definitely cut and you cant do that when you going for high dining. Still, I was convinced to try the desserts and those ended the day well. The first dessert was some type of cumble that had an amazing flavor and tartness to it. I cant remember the name of this dish but if someone knows



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