The Seafood Riches of Morecambe Bay – A Secret Unlocked

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If you’re ever on the hunt for seafood, Morecambe Bay should definitely be at the top of your list. This stunning bay has something for everyone – from sea bass and calamari to crab, lobster, and shrimp. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the seafood industry in Morecambe Bay, share tips on how to purchase seafood responsibly and reveal the 10 best seafood spots near Morecambe Bay. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip now!

The Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry

The Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry is a massive multi-billion pound industry, and it’s rapidly growing thanks to the increasing popularity of seafood around the world. According to The Marine Conservation Society (MCS), there are now over 2,000 seafood businesses working in Morecambe Bay – making this bay one of the most important fishing areas in Europe.

The MCS attributes much of the growth in the Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry to sustainability practices adopted by many fishermen and suppliers – such as using smart technology for navigation and fish aggregation devices which improve stock health. In addition, the MCS has been working with fishermen and suppliers to promote the sustainable use of marine resources, such as working with local businesses to source sustainably caught seafood.

Mark Smith, Fisheries Manager for North West England at the MCS, said “The Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry is a major player in the regional economy and provides much-needed employment. In particular, we’re keen to protect threatened species such as monkfish and skate fish which are vital to maintaining healthy stocks.”

One of the main challenges for businesses in the Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry is keeping up with rapid changes in food sourcing – particularly when it comes to fish. Many fishermen now fish in unfished areas, and new fishing techniques such as bottom trawling are causing significant damage to marine ecosystems. There is a temptation for businesses to focus on short-term profits rather than long-term sustainability, but it is important that they maintain healthy stocks in order to support the local economy and community. 

The Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry has been shaped by centuries of tradition and innovation, and it is an important part of the North West England economy. The region has a strong commitment to sustainable seafood production, and businesses here are working hard to ensure that their products are as environmentally friendly as possible.

North Lancashire is the stronghold of the Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry 

The North Lancashire area is home to over two-thirds of all businesses in the Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry, and this region has a long tradition of fishing and seafood production. The Lancashire Coast has been renowned for its seafood for centuries, and it was here that cod began to be fished commercially in large numbers. Today, North Lancashire is also home to some of Europe’s top lobster fisheries – including Lawkholme Lighthouse which is one of the world’s most productive lobster traps.

Local chefs and restaurateurs play an important role in the Morecambe Bay Seafood Industry. Many of these businesses focus on using locally sourced seafood, and many have developed strong relationships with local fishermen and suppliers. Few Family run businesses harbor the same passion for their product as does The Fish Store.

The Fish Store is a family-owned business that has been trading in Morecambe Bay since 1936. They are one of the most well-known seafood retailers in North West England, and they focus on selling sustainable, quality fish products from local suppliers. They work with fishermen to promote environmentally friendly practices, and they also run fish aggregation devices that improve stock health. 

Some Facts When Purchasing Seafood from Morecambe Bay

-Seafood retailers in Morecambe Bay will often have various deals going on, so it’s worth checking their social media pages and websites regularly. There are also occasional promotions where they give away free products or discounts on larger purchases.

-Morecambe bay shrimp is some of the freshest shrimps you can purchase. Make sure to ask your seafood retailer for the freshness certificate if purchasing from them.

-Marco Pierre-white is a Morecambe-based seafood supplier that sells wholesale to local restaurants, caterers, and supermarkets. They offer fresh fish, crabs, prawns, and lobster from the seafront in the Blackpool area.

-Fresh fish can be purchased from most supermarkets in Morecambe Bay. When purchasing fish, make sure to ask the retailer if they have any specials on that day or week. Fleetwood market also has a great selection of fresh seafood.

-Chinese Cockle-pickers in Morecambe Bay is a key part of the seafood industry, and they harvest fresh cockles from salt marshes. These Cockle Pickers often work in teams of up to 20 people and earn an annual wage of £15,000 per year.


If you’re looking for some of the best seafood in the UK, then you need to check out Morecambe Bay! With a long and illustrious history of fishing and trawling, the bay has been home to some of the best seafood and delicacies in the world. 

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