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Is your mouth watering yet? Do you know what the most popular foods in Georgia are? Check out this blog that lists the top 3 most eaten food in Georgia. There might be some surprising foods on the list, like eggs with khachapuri (cheesy bread) or laghmanu (handmade noodles).


Georgia is a small, landlocked country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. The population of Georgia is just over 3 million people, and the capital city is Tbilisi. Georgian cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Armenia. There are also influences from Russia, due to the long history of Russian occupation. Georgian food is very hearty and filling, often including meat, cheese, and bread. One of the most popular dishes in Georgia is khinkali, which are boiled dumplings filled with meat and spices. Other popular dishes include khachapuri (a cheese-filled bread), lobio (beans stewed with herbs), and eggplant rolls stuffed with walnuts and garlic.


The top 3 most eaten food in Georgia


Georgia is known for many things, including its food. The top three most eaten foods are here:

  • Khinkali


Khinkali is a soup dumpling that is popular in Georgia. It is made with ground beef or lamb, and it is traditionally cooked in a broth. Khinkali can be served with rice or potatoes, and it is often garnished with vegetables such as onions, carrots, and celery.

  • Lobio


Lobio is a traditional Georgian dish made with beans, usually white kidney beans. The beans are cooked with onions, garlic, and fresh herbs, and then served warm with bread. Lobio is a nutritious and hearty dish that is perfect for winter weather.

  • Khachapuri


Khachapuri is a Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread. It is traditionally made with sulguni cheese, but other cheeses may also be used. The dough is leavened and shaped into various forms, including rounds, ovals, and boats.


Khachapuri is typically served hot and fresh out of the oven, often with a raw egg cracked into the center. It is sometimes also garnished with butter, herbs, or onions.


Other Best Food to Try in Georgia


There is a wide variety of food to try in Georgia, ranging from traditional Georgian dishes to more modern fare. Here are some of the best foods to try while in Georgia:


  1. Badrijani Nigvzit: These are fried eggplant rolls that are traditionally filled with walnut paste. They make a great appetizer or side dish.


  1. Satsivi: A thick walnut sauce that is often served over chicken or turkey. It can also be used as a dip for breads and crackers


  1. Golumpki: Golumpki, also known as Polish stuffed cabbage, is a popular dish in Georgia. It is made with cabbage leaves that are stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, pork, rice, and onions. The stuffed cabbage is then cooked in a tomato sauce. Golumpki is often served with mashed potatoes or bread.


  1. Chicken and dumplings: A southern classic, chicken and dumplings are a must-try while in Georgia. The dish is made with chicken, vegetables, and dumplings all simmered together in one pot. 


  1. Peach cobbler: Another southern favorite, peach cobbler is a must during peach season (which runs from May to August). The dish is made with fresh peaches, sugar, flour, butter, and spices all baked together to create a delicious dessert. 


  1. Pecan pie: A Georgia specialty, pecan pie is a must-have while in the state. The pie is made with pecans, sugar, corn syrup, eggs, butter, and vanilla extract all baked together in a flaky pastry crust. 


  1. Fried green tomatoes: If you’re looking for something a little different to try, fried green tomatoes are definitely the way to go. The dish is made by coating green tomatoes in a batter and then frying them until they are golden brown.




What are some of the most popular foods in Georgia?


There are many delicious and popular foods in Georgia. Some of the most common and loved dishes include khinkali (a type of dumpling), khachapuri (a cheese-filled bread), lobio (a bean dish), and spiced chicken with walnuts. These are just a few examples – there are many other tasty options to choose from!


Where can I find good Georgian food?


There are plenty of great places to enjoy Georgian cuisine. Many restaurants in Georgia specialize in traditional dishes, so you can be sure to find something to your taste. You can also try making some of these dishes at home – cooking recipes can be easily found online or in cookbooks.


What makes Georgian food so special?


The Georgian people have a long tradition of hospitality, and this is reflected in their cuisine. Meals are typically shared with family and friends, and visitors are always welcome at the table. This hospitable culture means that Georgians take great pride in their food, preparing dishes with care and love. The result is some of the best and most flavorful food you’ll ever try! 


I’m vegetarian/vegan – will I be able to find anything to eat in Georgia?


Yes, there are definitely options for vegetarians and vegans in Georgia. Many traditional Georgian dishes are naturally vegetarian, such as lobio and khachapuri. There are also plenty of restaurants that cater specifically to vegetarians and vegans, so you won’t go hungry during your stay.


I have food allergies – can I still enjoy Georgian food?


Most Georgians are very understanding of food allergies, and many restaurants will be able to accommodate your needs. It’s always a good idea to let your server know about any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have, so they can make sure you have a safe and enjoyable dining experience.




Georgia is home to some of the most delicious food in the world. The three foods that are eaten the most in Georgia are Georgian khinkali, Georgian khachapuri, and Georgian lobio. These three dishes are not only incredibly tasty, but they also represent the diversity of Georgia’s cuisine. If you’re ever in Georgia, be sure to try all three of these dishes!

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