Wings Hut Takes Over MJ’s Korean Tacos in Duluth

Wings Hut | Keeping Korean Tacos in Duluth

If you have lived in Duluth for any time, you would have known about MJs who were famous in the past for bringing Korean Tacos to the Duluth area.  I was a bit heartbroken when I got there to make an order and found out that it was their last day in business. I do not know the reasons behind it but many restaurants were majorly hit during the lockdowns.
That said, I was happy to see that the location had been purchased by Wings Hut and they kept many of the menu items the community loved including the Korean tacos and certain flavors of fries. The new brand that purchased this space is called Wings Hut which is owned and ran by Shawn Eun.

Revamping the Menu

Shawn has been in the restaurant business for years with many Japanese and Korean restaurants under his belt. His first restaurant was started in Decatur back in 1989. He took over the MJs location and fully renovated the interior and revamped the menu with new items. The Wings Hut brand started in Forrest Park and is still located there today. The things I love the most are the Korean tacos.
Classic Tacos Done Korean Style
If you have not had Korean tacos before, you are in for a treat at Wings Hut. The usual tacos served here are spicy pork, chicken or beef. These are really addictive. They come with bulgogi-style meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and a unique sauce. Normally I would get 3 of these to really fill myself up which is why I love this place because they are very affordable and 3 tacos will cost you shy of $10.
Korean Tacos at Wings Hut in Duluth GA

Other Taco Styles

You can get many types of tacos besides the classics which include the Hawaiian, Picante, Panko, and Siren. The Hawaiian includes lettuce, pineapple salsa, and sour cream. I’ve tried this with chicken and shrimp and love the flavor of the salsa that it comes with. The Siren is for spicy lovers and comes with a pretty spicy sauce along with banana peppers, lettuce, and cheese. I Normally get the panko style because I love the fried fish and shrimp choices. These come with a house sweet sauce with lettuce and tomatoes and can also be done with fried chicken.

Wings that Beat the Rest

When Wings Hut took MJs Korean Tacos, they kept about 70% of the menu and added on some unique items such as their stir fry line, calamari, and a few new flavors of fries. They also added Philly steaks, burgers, fried rice, fried/grilled fish and gyros. Although MJs had their own flavors of wings, Wings Hut owner Shawn is certain that his wings will taste better and be ready in about 25% of the time it took MJs (which was roughly 20 minutes). Shawn is proud of his buffalo recipe and guarantees that it will beat any competitor. There are many flavors of wings but the top 3 would be the lemon pepper,  bbq, and the cool ranch. The cool ranch is a dry rub that has an addictive flavor and comes in spicy or regular.  There are other unique flavors such as the mango habanero and the rocking ATL.  Wings from Wings Hut in Duluth GA

Many Flavors of French Fries

Parm. Garlic Ranch

When it comes to restaurants like Wings Hut, you of course think wings but you don’t really put much focus on fries. The french fries here come in many flavors and are very unique. One flavor that was brought over from MJs was the garlic parmesan ranch. These come covered in this amazing sauce and do not need anything else added to them. A few times I could come here just for this flavor of fries. You can totally taste each ingredient and they all appear to marry together very well!

Sesame Oil Lemon Pepper Fries

Sesame Lemon Pepper Fries by Wings Hut in Duluth

Another flavor of fries that I personally was a bit afraid to encounter was the sesame lemon pepper fries. Our photographer was really excited to try these as were Nancy (thattravelingfoodie). After hearing the rant and raves about it, I finally tried it ad I must say it was surprisingly good. I would match this with the wings here any day – especially the lemon pepper wings. To me, it symbolized the same taste.

Sweet Chili Fries

Sweet Chili French Fries

Finally, if you are really trying to go out on a limb, I would say the sweet chili fries are as out there as you can go. These come covered in a sweet chili sauce. That said they are more sweet than spicy and do not have a kick like I expected.   I would put this at the last of my list of things to try here personally but others have sworn by it.

A Diverse Menu at Affordable Prices

Altogether, If you are looking for a place to grab a quick bite that has lots of choices, this should be your go to. From the widely diverse menu to the affordable pricing, I think they will be here to stay. I have never ordered anything from this restaurant and felt that it was not done right or that I didn’t get my money’s worth.

3473 Old Norcross Rd
Ste 208
Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: (770) 680-5474



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