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We’re at Empanada House, a good history of this place is that it’s founded by Ben and Monica. Ben is from Romania and Monica is from Columbia. So the whole upstairs is a milk tea/coffee house that also incorporates in their menu, Fusion Empanadas. They have other things such as Juices, Hot teas, etc. When I say fusion empanadas that eans the empanadas represent different countries. For example, the bulgogi empanada represents Korea and the Goulash Empanada represents Hungry. Of course, there are the traditional Empanadas that represent the Columbian Culture of the owner Monica.

Personally, my favorite empanada at Empanada House would be the pulled pork ones because it has this guava bbq sauce that is very unique compared to the other ones I’ve already tried. My 2nd favorite would be the traditional beef. That one actually tastes really good besides the name being traditional.  Also at Empanada House, we were able to also try three of the dessert empanadas: The Nutella, guava cheese, and fig mascarpone

Guava cheese could be one of the most unique in my opinion. The guava and cheese complement each other well but the texture was a bit offsetting because you’re getting a combination of the jelly texture of the guava but another firm soft texture with the cheese. The fig mascarpone was my personal favorite. It’s a really sweet dessert and tastes kinda like a breakfast pastry. The banana Nutella was a pretty good all-around flavor, in my opinion. It was really good but it was pretty common for a desert.

Currently, Empanada House is in the soft opening and the grand opening will be on Feb 1st. The whole feel of the restaurant I think is a pretty good idea its a pretty good concept it’s on top of another restaurant that is pretty cool since they have deserts they will be bringing in people even if they choose not to dine upstairs. I think it’s a cool concept to bring the milk teas and the empanadas together because they really compliment each other well.

Hey, definitely check out Empanada House. I think its a pretty cool idea and the food is really good! Be sure to check out the address below and I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do.

Empanada House @ Sweet Octopus

Address3559 W Lawrenceville St #600, Duluth, GA 30096
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Phone(678) 825-2990

Review overview

Milk Tea8.2

The Pros

  • Great Coffee
  • Great Empanadas
  • Love the Atmosphere
  • Friendly Staff
  • Competitive Pricing

The Cons

  • I feel there needs to be more signage downstairs, its easy to miss even if your in the restaurant
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