Poke Doughtnuts by Poke Burri

Sushi Doughnuts located @ Sweet Octopus in Historic Duluth

I never heard of these before until I ran into a branch of Poke Burri at Sweet Octopus! Daral (the YAM) was the first to get one while I went upstairs to try the Empanada House. It looked pretty rad and I began seeing more and more photos of it on Instagram so I figured I had to try it out and it really is done well. I love how they sauce the middle of it so your not just getting a mouthful of rice but at least there is a sauce there for balance. If you go on the weekend, you can ask for (non-menu item) a combination doughnut where they will combine all of the flavors on one doughnut. Check them out when you get a chance at the address below.


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