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WildSlice Pizza | The Social Media Slice

The Story of the $54 Pizza Slice

I heard about Wildslice by my friend Daral and after seeing the photos online of this huge slice, I figured I had to try it. That said, we carpooled and made the trip here. It is not really at its location but attached to a Kroger shopping center. Space is a bit small ad very family-friendly. There were many families here celebrating parties or just enjoying the night out. There is a sports-y feel to it with screens on each wall playing the game and I did enjoy the black and white images of kids who were here in the past. It brings a “bring your kid and family” feel to the establishment. We can’t try anything else her but the “Wild Slice” so that is what we ordered. due to the price (read more about the con), we also got a free order of cinnamon knots so here goes the breakdown:


We got the cinnamon knots first as part of a Wildslice promotion. They came out warm which is awesome and were covered in a white glaze. The coating was brown sugar and cinnamon coating. At first bite, it was a bit too chewy for my take. Usually, when you’re doing a sweet doughnut type dessert you want ti a bit crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. These were just chewy….period. the bread seemed very dense as if they sat it out too long, but I was under the impression that shes were just made. If so, the baking method was rushed and it made for an extremely dense dessert.


The pizza came out looking like a food blogger’s dream of the week. That said, we spent probably ten minutes shooting this thing and doing videos for social media. It was a slice of pizza that pretty much resembled a large pizza at Rudys or Dagwoods. We got a supreme so it was pretty loaded. Honestly, the crust was done pretty thick and I felt like it was lacking a bit of sauce. Otherwise, the dough was very good. It was thin enough to roll but still thick enough to hold the toppings well. I would say that this can feed 3 to 4 people and resembles that of a large 18″ NY style pizza. My main takeback is that the total cost fo a supreme wild slice came to a surprising $54. That said, its a pizza I would try just for shots and blogging but not well enough to ever return to for the cost.

Wildslice Pizza Supreme

Pizza Con or Deal?

One thing I want to circle back to is the fact that at first glance, you see that the Wildslice pizza is $28 for the Wild Slice. We went there with this understanding. Mind you, It only says “$28” for the wild slice, it doesn’t specify that if you get toppings added to it, it’s going to double in price. We got the wild slice and the girl across the counter told us that we could pick any toppings or specialty without telling us the cost difference. We decided on the supreme specialty. She then told us that she could split the cost between us so we are thinking 14.00 each. Daral pays first 28 or so dollars so I’m thinking he paid for the whole thing. Wrong, after we ask her if she split it, we are told that its 58.00 if we are getting toppings added on (again – nowhere is this mentioned by her or is it on the menu that the cost is doubled on specialty pizzas). That said, we ended up paying double that cost. So that said, the slice seems like a deal – but if your not careful – its more of a con. We weren’t told until AFTER my friend paid – that just kills all credibility in my eyes.


If there wasn’t a “wildslice” I think they would still do fairly well with their garlic knot sandwiches and other pizza choices. I think the Wild Slice is a great idea at attracting publicity but if you look at it from a pricing perspective – it is far from worth it in my eyes. BUT if you have 80k tik tok fans like my friend Daral and run a food blog like myself, it’s worth it for views.

Review overview

Cinnamon Knots4.6
Wildslice Pizza6.7

The Pros


The Cons



6.6This was a good experience and still a place I would take my kids for pizza although I dont think I will get the wildslice again due to the cost. Having pizza in 4 countries from high-end 5-star hotels to low-end street foods - I can say I have not spent this much on a pizza before.

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